Neck pain bad migraines

I'm still trying to find answers, I've had fibro for 14 years, and recently the pain in my neck is worsening, I've always had migraines etc, but at Xmas I had all the symptoms of meningitis without the virus, since then I have had a headaches every day except about 4 days, been to a neurologist who doubts I have a brain tumour, the reason I was worried was because my mum died of a brain tumour and I've had a tumour in my stomach, but he believes I have chronic daily migraines, I'm having an MRI soon but not really given me any tab to hep, what I want to know is do anyone here have a really bad neck through fibro and suffer really bad headaches and migraines, just wanna fine the cause. If so any ideas. I just feel my whole body is weakening.

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  • Morning littlejan sorry to hear you are suffering, yes I think we all get pins in our necks it's part of fibro, I think it's the pain in the back of the head and neck that causes such terrible headaches.....have you tried feverfew, they can help .....hope you manage to get sorted soon, ..gentle hugs ...Dee xx

  • Do you have same problem too

  • Hi littlejan, i wemt to see neurologist for migraines last week. Was given naproxen and f. To try. Have had neck problems for years, so painful that window shopping can bring on migraine as does hoovering and other daft little things. I too have had fibro 14 years and in january had migraine for 7 days nonstop followed by anothrr week of headaches, causing hearing problems, balance issues, choking problems, inability to drive without getting lost and constant brain fog for a couple of months. Consultant said all caused by length of migraine and no permanent brain damage, did not do mri, said come back in 6 months. I still feel like i am suffering from concussion though, hate it. Am in bed just know with heafache and exhaustion, neck pain excuciating.

  • Hi shazzzy

    I am so sorry to read that you have such horrific migraines like that. Mine are mostly food related as I have so many allergies to contend with. I do have one other trigger and this is 'yellow'. I do not know if you have a similar issue? But yellow lights. yellow walls through paint or papering? It is absolutely awful.

    Take care and I hope that you start to feel better soon


  • Hi ken, thanks for the message, am in hospital now for respite and therapy so hopefully should be feeling better soon.

  • Hi Shazzzy

    Just wanted to wish you good luck with your treatment and I genuinely hope that it all works so well for you.

    I am sending you my best wishes and positive thoughts.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi

    I can understand your concern especially as you have already had a tumour. I have had spondylosis in my neck since my 40's and have now got fibro amongst other things. I always seem to have a background headache and often a very strange one at the back of my head and neck which I have always put down to the neck problems. My thoughts are with you as my husband has migraines and I know how debilitating they can be. Hope that the MRI will highlight what is causing the problem. x

  • I have had problems with my neck for years had X-rays and told wear and tear of arthritis, I asked for a scan but they said no need for one. I've also suffered with migraines since my teens am now in my sixties, touch wood I still get them but not so severe, it's mostly the zig zag lights and blurred vision, I read if you put your hands and feet if possible in a bowl of water as hot as you can stand for as long as you can it will stop your migraine, I have tried it and I must say it did stop the eye problem, the theory is the hot water pulls the blood from the vessels in your neck to your hands as it's problems with the blood vessels that cause the migraine, it's worth a try

  • Hi littlejan

    I am so sorry to read that you have been suffering in this way with your neck and migraines. I have migraines due to food allergies and my asthma but yours sound terrible, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to the pain and misery they cause.

    I have pasted you a couple of NHS Choices website link pertaining to the issue and I genuinely hope that you find them useful:

    I was wondering what medication do you take for them? As I find Co-Codamol and Metocloperamide work well for me and the Metocloperamide help with any nausea.

    I want to wish you all the best of luck when you go back and have your MRI. Please keep us all up to date with how you get on?

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hello

    I know how u are feeling as I have the same thing been suffering for a while really bad neck and shoulder pain but with really bad headaches need Drs and they have me ibuprofen which doesn't help and not had the energy to go back as after work am to shattered. At work it's worse as I work with computers which doesn't help and involves a lot of neck movement so in a lot of pain. Can't take time off as employer really funny with me. Hope u feel better soon and hope the MRI can be of help to u. All the best

  • Hi angel I used to work with computers too and had to change career cos of same problems, I was a gp secretary !

  • Hi Littlejan

    I'm so sorry your having such an awful time.

    How long ago did you loose your mum to a brain tumour? the reason i ask is i lost my mum to a brain tumour four years ago.

    Like most of your fibro friends neck, shoulder and headaches/migraines can be part of our horrible condition.

    I had a mini stroke in nov 2012 and i cant tell you how scared i was, i was only 49 and like my mum they said she had had a stroke but they did'nt do a MRI utill it was to late.I had my MRI and my brain was clear dont get me wrong i was so pleased but i thought i was going mad, it took nearly a year to be told i had fibro and was so pleased at last i knew i had something with a name,( lol now i understand what comes with fibro i'd rather not have it)

    Please stay calm if you need a chat please fill free to message me or any of your fibro friends, someone is normally awake with good advice 24/7,

    Take care of yourself viv xxx

  • Hi - yes I too get migraines and am undergoing a myriad of tests - keep being given different diagnosises but I am beginning to think they are linked to the fibro. I also suffer from constant dizziness/vertigo and feeling light headed. I also have a painful neck and have for years and years - have arthritis in my C2/3 joint in my neck but not convinced this is the cause of the headaches or the dizziness. So sorry you are suffering and do hope so much you can find something that helps you xx

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