Any help to get over extreme tiredness? I am at work (only do 3 and a half days) but feel like I need to go to sleep!

I don't sleep well at night - like others with Fibro. Any vitamins that may help or any suggestions appreciated!

In pain with lower back which is going also into my groin area but I am waiting on appointment wit pain management for injections and hot needles which I am dreading.

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  • Hi there,someone has just recommended berrocca boost on here for fatigue so iam going to try that,maybe that mite help you?What are the injections and hot needles you are going to have?x

  • Thanks for your response. I have tried Berroca but think I need more that that to help me through the day at the moment. A steroid injection as well as the hot needles which are placed under x-ray then the nerve endings are burnt off - which is so painful. This is to stop any further pain in the long run. Unfortunately I had this done last year but the back pain has come back again with avengance. I have rheumatoid as well as Fibro.

  • Ooh,that doesn't sound very pleasant for you :(.Do you think that maybe you might need to reduce your working hours?I last worked in 2006 in a secondary school and it got to the point where I dreaded going into work and was so tired that I had to pack it in.I was the sole provider so the transition was hard but I decided that in the end my health was more important.Yes this fibro is an aweful condition to live with but over time you learn how to live with it and adapt x

  • The Fibro is causing the back pain making it difficult to sit, walk and even lie in bed comfortably. It is an evil thing this fibro. It is also giving me a weird sensation (like having an insect crawling under my skin ) at the top of my back as well.

  • Yes, I have given it a thought as some days as you will know it is so hardeven to get out of bed! The tiredness together with pain makes it hard. I am lucky in that I work in part of a family firm so they are understanding when I take time off. I don't want to end up just doing nothing - sometimes having as goal helps to keep me going sometimes it is hard to have a goal as I can't keep going!. The can't win situation. You are right we have to adapt but every so often we have a little cry then get over it and get on! How do you cope as you sound so positive.

  • Hi Ardea , could I ever ask if you are taking any medication to help with sleep, such as amitriptyline ? If not, it might be worth asking your dr about it, that has made a difference to my ability to sleep.

    I think it is good to have a goal to aim at , but your health is the most important thing and I think trying to get the balance right between the two is very admirable. :-)

    Foggy x

  • I have taken with much success, amitriptyline 10 mg at bedtime for the bugs crawling under skin (rls). It has worked for about the last 10 years for me. Also, I've also been reading different books stating that many of us with fibro also have adhd. An adhd Med can help with fatigue.

  • Thank you - all of you for your kind replies. I have been given tramadol to take at night and during the day pregabalin and Dihydrocodeine. I will mention amittiptyline to the rheumatoid nurse tomorrow and see what she thinks. 2592sc the bugs crawling under skin is so weird - but it is the only way to describe it to someone (although I have no bugs!)

  • Hi Ardea, just to say that I'm on 50mg Amitriptyline each night to help me sleep.I think it's worth a try. I know what you mean about the bugs feeling, I have it too. Also, you could try Vitamin B. I use it to help with energy levels, & also as a mozzie deterrent. It seems to be working for me.

    Julie xxx

  • Hi .. I'm newly diagnosed ... I also feel the 'insect crawling' thingy ! It's very very strange .. I posted last week about the feeling in my face ! Horrible !!

    I've always wondered why I had such problems sleeping ... Last week I bought Valerian root tablets to help me sleep .. I haven't tried them every evening yet but I intend to next week, so I could let you know if they work

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