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Fibromyalgia with arthritis in all my major joints


I believe joint pain and fibromyalgia go hand and hand some times the pain is so bad I just want to scream and I would rather take a hammer to where the pain is the nsaids kill my stomach I take cymbalta, pain killers, and they gave me muscle relaxers as well I still have pain...Also I am a breast cancer survivor..I just want to wake up one day and say WOW I feel great. 😂

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Hi Ttayala63

I am so genuinely sorry to read of how you are suffering and struggling and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution to this issue. Sadly, there appear to be a great number of the members how also have secondary conditions that run alongside their Fibro. Many things from Arthritis, TMJ, IBS, Depression, etc, to mention just a few.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Morning I hope you find a way through xxxx

Yes,I have RA, osteoarthritis and fybro and it's a job to know where the pain is worse sometimes, all we can do is live each day and hope it's a good one, take care

Yes me too, it all becomes a blur as to what it is causing pain, I am having problems in the night when knees, hips and back pains escalate and then my arms hurt to add to the mix. I have not succumbed to pain killers as I am concerned of side effects and the fact that one can get used to them and have to keep increasing. It is all a nightmare and I feel for you, sorry I don't have answers. The only place I am pain free is when I take my morning bath, I have also found hydrotherapy helpful insofar as to keep me mobile but the pains go on.

When so many of us have different conditions as well as fibro it is often difficult to know which illnes is the one playing up.

It is a struggle at times and like you, I just wish there was a period of being "normal"

Hope you feel better soon.


Hi. I have osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia , along with Colonic Internia . The pain I get all day from head to toe is unbearable. I have Achilles Tendonitis with horibble pain in my ankles. I too wish there was a miracle cure to pain.

prayers to all

Hi, I can identify with everything you say. I have been hoping that l would eventually feel stronger and more energized as time went on. But every bone scan has me moving closer towards osteoporosis and I recently found out that I have very low levels of vitamin D after years of my pain and weakness being put down to my fibro. I find my life is so small now, work, home and rest. I am finding this winter very painful and exhausting.

Ttayala63 in reply to Petitepam

I also have low vitamin Dr levels and ostopinya in my hips

Pain killers often don't work. Has your GP tried anything else like amitriptyline or Gabapentin? Are you under a consultant? Have you tried heat pads or heat cream. Deep heat and Linnex I find very good. Linnex is only available on line but I find it really good. It's expensive but lasts ages, just use a tiny amount and increase if no efffect. Massage and osteopathic treatment can also be helpful.

Hope you find some relief.

Ttayala63 in reply to Newtali

I'm under the care of a rheumatologist I tried lyrica didn't like all the side effects tried all the nsaids prednisone works but they won't let you take that all the time cortisone shots help, and sine I just moved I am hoping my new Dr will have some new products to try.

Hi Ttayala63 I understand every word u have said in your post I also suffer with Fibromyalgia and I have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis plus I have empthysemia and I'm in pure agony every single day and night what with struggling everyday to breath and the pain I don't know which way to turn i see my GP nearly every week with pain issues and my breathing I was to.d last week there isn't anything that helps fibro so noŵ we tell our patients to find there own way of coping with the pain ... How on earth are we meant to do that thee are so many meds I cannot take as I cannot take any antiiflamtory medication due to my breathing so I have come to a stand still with my GP spend most of my time looking to see what natural things I can eat or take that might help none of which has to date and like yourself I wish I could wake up one day and be pain free gentle hugs sent to u X

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