to all who suffer with fibromyalgia

something i wrote earlier

Experience has shown me no matter how hard you try

I cannot keep up and this makes me cry

No energy to get up there's housework to do

But it all piles up coz you cannot get through

Fatigue is the killer together with the pain

Afflicting us again and again

Non fibro sufferers don't understand for sure, they huff and they puff as they go out the door

You explain and explain time and again

They wear that frown on their face and show the usual disdain

What they expect in reality is beyond our means

This illness kills our hopes and dreams

What i would give for a day with no pain

It would be bliss, but I'd want it again

My house is a mess and so is my mind

I'm in such stress and no strength can I find

Do they not think that we hate our illness

Which leaves us knackered and feeling useless

They only see the "Old You" and not what the illness puts you through

The constant struggle is driving me mad

And at this time I'm feeling so sad

Walking from one room to another i have to sit down so i can recover

I was a working mum of one But this illness has killed all the fun

I don't want to go out the efforts too great and I fear that I'd fall and something will break

You're not listening is what i hear, that's not true, its just because i have gone vague and the words are not clear

Although i am present - I am not always there

Sometimes I'm not pleasant and i no longer care

Take me as you find me or leave me alone

And if you have a go at me don't bother to phone

I will not apologise for how i am I try my hardest but you think it's a scam

Spend a day in my pain and see how you feel

Coz I don't think you'd cope


By inoutfog

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  • Yes that about says it all !!😒

  • 👍👌

  • Very nice and very true!!! You should write on a regular basis as I find this really good. Thanks for sharing. Peck🐤

  • Excellent! And I bet you feel so much better for writing it all down. Good for you.

    I haven't written poems for years. I always found that when there was something that was really bugging or upsetting me that if I wrote it in a poem I'd feel soooo much better. I'd forgotten about that. You have given me the jolt I needed to try it again. So you've helped me too, thank you 🐸

  • That totally escapulates how day to day life is for us fibromites.x

  • Thank you so much for sharing this my friend, it is absolutely wonderful and you have hit the nail on the head! :) :)

  • Hello.

    This is a great piece of writing . It sums up what I feel. May I please post it on facebook using your 'inoutfog' name? Or can you please post it? It is so descriptive of our daily challenge......just to try to be a little 'normal'.

    I won't post it without your consent.

    Thanks for this.


  • by all means post it, i am not good with the technical side of posting etc, god knows who would get it ?!!!! i used to write a lot of poetry but got told it was too miserable so i stopped, i thought i was writing about life, the truth, not as seen through rose tinted glasses ! gentle hugs and thankyou xx

  • Oh dear, I don't know where to find it now! You are such a lovely writer. If I find it I shall put it on Facebook if that's ok with you and make sure you are credited with the talent! Keep in touch with those poems. Lovely work.

  • This is how I feel most of the time but especially today as I am n a flare.

    I have just cancelled my mum coming over for lunch today as all I want to do today is stay in bed and rest. Needless to say she didn't understand . So I am going to be selfish and think of me for a change.

    Thanks for the poem, I might show her this next time I see her.

    Jane xx

  • Thank you for putting into words just how I feel, and so eloquently.

    For me the difficulty is kind and caring friends and family, I spend my time saying " I'm OK and not to worry. It's fine, I'm managing it." But the truth is everything gets on top of me. Fatigue and fog, all the time. Start the day with a long list and go back to bed before I've barely started. And so it goes on.........................

  • I so feel your frustration as a fellow fibromyalgia suffer I totally understand what you are saying. Everything becomes over whelming if you focus on all of it. I try to do the most important things and ask my family to do the rest either that or it gets left. I get very fed up with people saying how I ve let things go, so now they either take or leave it. It is important to chat to a support group either on line or by going to your local one. You will find empathy rather than judgement there. Your not a lazy person, you have a condition that's limits what you can do, please remember that. Gentle hugs.

  • Well done, That was great, you av told it as it is. Thank you x.

  • very well described all so true thanks for posting.x

  • Such an accurate account of how this awful Fibro affects us ! Well written!

    I used to enjoy writing poetry, but have not done any for a long time!

    Thanks for sharing this with us

    Hugs x

  • How very clever you are! It says everything I've wanted to say, but couldn't!

    I'm very jealous of your talent! 😝

    Keep writing them...please.

    Hope you've had a good weekend. 👍😊

    Take care.

  • Wow, superbly written inoutfog, so, so, true! ! 😧

  • Please please, if you haven't tried it, please research Low Dose Naltrexone (trial done at Stanford University, USA. ). Dicksons chemist in Glasgow might be able to give you info (I have no affiliation to them, and no monetary interest!). If you try it and it helps you, as it has helped me, then please pass on this info. I get so sad at reading all the posts of the suffering of Fibro patients and just want to get the message out that there is a drug (relatively harmless and almost side-effect free, and non addictive) - which might be able to help you. It has helped me. I know we all react differently to different drugs - but LDN is worth giving a try. I started taking it in February, and have been seeing gradual improvements in my health since then. With no horrid side effects!

    Good luck and better health to you.

  • This is so true. Great poem. Thank you.

  • Thank You so much for sharing your fantastic poem. It sums up how most of us feel perfectly I'm sure.

    Do you mind if I also share it on Facebook? Giving you full credit for it of course.

    Hope today finds you a little better than yesterday.

    Blessings Be

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