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I Just thought I'd pop you all a message to say hi.

I'm Lindsey's husband as well as a trustee and director of FibroAction. I've joined the admin team to give a hand, mostly from a technical perspective, but I'll stick my oar in to other stuff every now and again.

I was Lindsey's primary carer when she was really ill, but luckily that's mostly a think of the past. Now I spend my time split between my full time job at Microsoft (where I am a software developer) and the much harder task of looking after our little daughter.

At Microsoft I've been involved with a variety of health based projects and teams from large organisations like the NHS to small start ups and even some of our own flagship health products. I've a keen interest in how IT can be used as an assistive technology in healthcare and have lectured on the subject a few times too.

I'm excited to be involved with FibroAction's HealthUnlocked community and if there is anything I can do to help out in anyway then let me know!



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Hi simon and welcome xx


Hi Simon welcome x Gentle hugs & big :)s x



Nice to meet you


heeelllooo and nice pic ;-)


Hi welcome simon good to meet you.xx


Hello Simon, gentle hugs and welcome. Nice to meet you.


Carol xx


Hi Simon,

I am new here and just feeling my way around,

Carol X


Hello Simon

Welcome and a big thank you to you, Lindsey and everyone involved with fibroaction and HU. Only joined recently and find the sites very helpful. Keep up the good work.


HI Simon, I am convinced that my health had a lot to do with my divorce although I had not been diagnosed at the time. As you have been a fibro carer I am sure your comments from that perspective will be helpful to those on here who still have partners.


Hello Simon, it's an amazing thing that you and Lindsey do, this site is sanity in a crazy world! My husband is a real support too, and loves being a Dad, although our kids are not so little now! In our experience the best is yet to come:)


Hello Simon,

Welcome hope you enjoy :) x gins


I am confused his has all changed and I normally receive a daily email from the forum but not received any for a couple of weeks. How do I re- set to receive emails daily?


email notifications will be up and running again soon, no need to do anything as yet Lucy.




Hi Simon welcome ....Dee x


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