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Hello There!

Hello There!

Hi everybdy. Just wanted to say hello, I am a newbie and I am looking forward to sharing information and positive thoughts.

Bank holiday weekend consists of packing for me as I am moving house next week. Sadly after 18 years in my home I can no longer afford to live here so I am moving in with a friend. Being skint is another legacy of having this condition, no doubt one that quite a few of you will share! On the plus side (there's always a silver lining) my new home will be close to work so will save me a tiring 30 mile round journey 4 days a week.

The fibro isn't too bad right now, apart from the TMJ, (jaw pain) - it's driving me crazy!! Going to see if I can get an emergency appointment with the dentist to see if anything can be done. I know I grind my teeth a lot when I sleep which is probably the cause of the pain & the clicking so perhaps a night teeth guard will help.

The M.E. is a bit of a killer - I ALWAYS overdo things, I can't help it, I can't sit still! So usually at least 2 days a week end up being recovery days with almost total bedrest (this is why I am a Facebook addict - at least the games keep my brain active!) I must learn to pace, but in all honesty find it very difficult.

I am waiting for the outcome of my DLA claim, but am not holding out too much hope as I know it's near on impossible to get an award with this condition. I have left it and left it despite my health care professionals encouraging me to put in a claim. I recently had an operation, was off work for the best part of 5 months and was denied ESA, for stupid and complicated reasons to do with me being self-employed (they use your earnings from 2 years ago but your last 12 months NI contributions).. you'd think being self-employed, i.e. no one to pay me sick pay when I'm ill I would be able to claim something but no, it's tough, I'll have to starve (or get 6 months behind with the bills as the case may be).

Take care everyone :)

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Hello and welcome Netticob, great to have you with us! :)

Thank you for telling us a bit about yourself, it always helps us get to know you better. Please when you have a moment could you complete your profile, if you click on your name at the top right, you will get a drop down menu for you to select your profile. Thank you. :)

Take a look around there is lots of information here, personal experiences, help, support and friendship too! Also take a look through the Questions, Blogs and Tags too for even more info. If there is anything you are not sure of or if you have any concerns please ask, we are only too happy to help you.

Here is the link to our main site which I am sure will help you. :)

We are all in the same boat here so we all understand.

I hope your move goes well next week, take care. :)


welcome netticob, i joined this site 3weeks ago, and have found it to be a lovely bunch of people, i to like yourself have a lot of ill health, and just been able to write it down how i feel is a bonus for myself, as i live alone. i would sooner have my health back than have to claim benefit, but just not well enough, enjoy reading and writing on this site tc bye for now soma x


Hello Netticob, welcome to the site.

There are a lot of us here with CFS/ME as well as Fibro - exhausting combination isn't it?

Julie xx


Welcome xxx


Hiya Netticob

welcome aboard our fibro family, sounds like you've had abit of a rough time lately, but good to hear you managing to stay positive which we all struggle to time to time, hope you enjoy getting to know us as we will you, smiles and hugs.

Ingrid xx



I'm new also. Just joined!

I wanted to wish you well with your house move and hope it doesn't wear you out too much.

I will be going through the same thing in the near future and I also suffer with ME and Fibro.......what a conbination eh?!

Pheebs. x


welcome xxx

you will find lots of lovely people on this sight so please ask anything

gentle dyslexic hugs


Hi and a very warm welcome to the sie i hope that you get alot from it , it is somewhere you can come on and rant or just blog however you feel

sorry about losing your house but like you say in a way it has done you a favour with the travelling side and money too

i know howyou feel i waited years when i was married to my 2nd husbnd for our dream home we eventually found it half built so we had input in the design etc anyway it wasa beautiful 4 bed excutive house with everythingwe ever wanted we moved in the sept and by the following march i found out my husband was having an affair so i pro,ptly got rid of him and stayed in the house with my 2 girls for another year or so but it all got on top of me ans i was making myself ill trying to keep the house running and paying all the mortgage and bills til eventually i had no choice but to put my dream home up for sale i spent monthsin tears watching couples come round and looking at it anyway eventually mt dad said to me it is just bricks jill and he was right i went and lived with them not knowing how long i would be there or where i would end up but lucky for me after 6 weeks i was offered a brand new housing association house right near my family it was beautiful everything i could want and best of all affordable and i moved in December 2000 and still here and still love it so sometinmes things even though at the time you feel sad do work pout for the best love to you diddle xxx


Morning and welcome to you Netticob -(what a strange user name) do hope you find this site as useful as we do - a place to chat - to moan- to help each other if we can- we impart are wisdom and even make each other laugh - it is formidable " Enjoy x gins


Good morning everyone, thank you so much for your lovely welcome & kind comments. Hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday x


p.s. Netticob comes from a Stephen King novel called Needless Things. Netti Cob was a lovely but slightly unhinged lady who had stabbed her abusive husband! I am a real book worm xx


Hello Netticob nice to meet another book worm, I have a night guard it helps most nights though I have found it across the bedroom sometimes, sorry you lost your home hope your new one will be all you hope for good luck for the future big gentle hugs. Sithy (Sithandra) from the film Aeon Flux I like films almost as much as books lol .


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