Kind People

Kind People

Had a very productive day (it happens sometimes) had counselling apt and had to collect a parcel, picked up stuff in Halfords for my sister and got my mams unlock code sorted for her at the phone shop with the help of a very kind customer service rep. I even came home and managed to hula hoop dance for a couple songs more than I've been able for in a while:) hope everyone's having a lovely weekend.. Ooh almost forgot the most exciting part I treated myself to an electric blanket too!

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  • Hi

    Their a saying simple things pleases little minds

    Don't think Im being rude as Im not

    Im the same can go out shopping for the day and can come back quite happy with a expensive bar of soap. My family think its hilarious bet you cant wait to use it tonight .

    Take Care


  • Haha no not at all I whole heartedly agree Rose ♥

  • :)

  • Good to hear you have had a great day.....hope you get lots more....and are warm and snug tonight....enjoy xx

  • Thanks Trikki hope your Sunday is good to you too 💝

  • Hi Chiqihoopini I'm glad you have had a good day, it's lovely when you feel like you have accomplished something In your day. You can relax properly now ☺☺☺

    Hope you having a good weekend too my friend & enjoy your blanket.

    Luv Jan xx

  • Thanks Jan you too 💝

  • Glad you had a good day. I treated myself to an electric blanket a couple of years back and it makes such a difference, enjoy x

  • Definitely felt good on the ol leg spasms last night I think I might sausage roll myself in to it tonight :)

  • Hi my friend

    I am genuinely delighted to read that you had such a good day, and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken :)

  • Thanks Ken that's really sweet of you cheers :)

  • :) :)

  • i read your post and smiles as you sound like me..........i can bus to town and complete a few errands and return home with a small treat and be really chuffed with myself whereas to some one else that would seem a tiny thing to achieve :) x

  • Hehe it is the little things that do it alright:) hope you're having a lovely Sunday x

  • ive been good and sorted my sock draw & recycled all the tired pairs and tidied my wardrobe. how is your day? x

  • Isn't life that great when that happens, long may it last!


  • It makes you genuinely appreciate when those days arrive:)

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