New Year - new diet!

Have splashed out in the sales and bought a nutri-blender thingy. There are many confusing recipes for the 'healing' of fibro and I am trying to compile one for myself taking the best bits of all I have found. Going out now to buy lots of healthy fruit and veg which I will be blitzing and drinking tomorrow. At worst I will be full of vitamins (or glued to the loo), at best I may feel better. Not daft enough to think I will find a miracle cure but it is a positive action. Anyone had a try at this? Would like to know if it helps and what ingredients you use.

Have a great painfree day. Helen X

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  • Well done you for starting your diet so soon. It will take me awhile to set a date. I have heard that juicing oranges is not a good thing to do, but I can't remember why. It could be something to do with the fact our digestive systems need to digest the food slower to get the nutrients out at the right time through the system. But I could be wrong on that. Although I've told my brain, no to buying freshly squeezed orange juice. Think oranges have too much sugar in them.

  • Hi Rosepetal, dont know about oranges for juices alone. However, a small one (peeled always) in a mix of other fruit would be ok. I think that smoothies contain all the fibre which slows absorption so you get most of the important vits etc. Helen X

  • I agree, a small orange or pieces from large orange good and very nice to eat. I'm a great fan of fresh fruit salad. It will be fun for you experimenting different fruits and veg and so easy to eat. If I had more surface space in my kitchen, I would have bought one.

  • I have also heard the same about not having orange juice, but this also applies to most fruit juices, even tomato juice. Apparently a glass of fruit juice can contains the equivalent of 8 teaspoons of sugar. I saw this on a BBC documentary. Also, I was told by an excellent acupuncturist that oranges, or any citrus fruits, are not good for IBS sufferers. I can vouch for that from experience.

  • Hi honey, well done you, I'm on it too, started yesterday. I just try to completely take out sugar, no coffee, no sweet food only strawberries but they are a bot hard at the minute.

    We eat lots of chicken and salad bits but we also have Juices and we put absolutely everything in, carrots, apples, oranges, Fresh ginger finely grated, Strawberries, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Lovely jubbly lol

    luv Jan xx

  • Hi Janet - your juices sound so good. I will start including nutmeg and also a bit of fresh ginger. Turmeric is supposed to be effective against inflammation so that will go in too. I will fail on the coffee though. I only have one mid-morning and it is very very strong, black and no sugar. Good luck with your diet. Helen X

  • What harm can it do to try :)

    A young friend of mine has been juicing for a while and says that she has found Kale to be very effective in relieving her fibro. Good luck with it :)

  • Yes Kale is brilliant stuff, we use a lot of spinnich too ;-)

  • Hi Smilealot, Kale! Fabulous, Ive just made my 1st smoothie and it had kale in - it was great. Hoping for results in a few days, perhaps weeks to be more realistic. As you said, what harm can it do. Helen X

  • Definitely let us know how you get on :) I must try and find out what other superfoods would be good :)

  • Hi slow motion I've been with slimming ๐ŸŒŽ group since June and have so far lost 2st 8 and half pounds.

    This is because they advocate very little fat in diet - so meat should be lean - try and keep away from processed food as much as you can - use fry lite for grilling or frying - eat as much veg as you want and fruit too - whole meal bread instead of white - 99% fat free yogurts (can't name them) Asda have the better choice than others - if you like yogurts that is you can have chocolate but only the small ones and only once a day as a treat

    I wish you every success and you can do it

    Fruit in Marksies have a deal on at the moment on healthy food and fruits - anything with a smiling sun has so much off can't remember what it is.

    Of an evening I have 2 navel oranges 2apples - clementines and grapes and through the day I munch on grapes if feeling peckish - slimming ๐ŸŒŽ also have their own choc bars mmmmmm. They are also promoting money off to join think it's in daily papers and magazines too. Let's know how you get on.

    To our lovely Janet strawberries aren't in season they are forced grown which is why they are hard - I don't touch them until June - I do this with all fruit and veg.

    Take care ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

  • Hi Toolie, you have made my mouth water. Will be going into town on Fri and will look in M&S - not hard to do, very tempting. You are right about the strawbs they are like bullets. Thanks for the tips. Good luck with your diet. Helen X

  • Cheers Helen you too. ๐Ÿ˜˜

  • Ok. So I didn't want to just go off of my juicing knowledge because blending is different, so I did a quick Google of healing smoothies and 1 website stood out to me, healthy smoothie headquarters. It had a long list of ingredients to search for recipes. It seemed to have a lot of good info.

    I also came across this and copied it for ya, though I would leave out the celery as I can't stand celery. But figured I'd give you one recipe at least.

    3 tablespoons Nutiva hemp protein powder

    2 inch piece of ginger (peeled if not organic)

    2 cups of leafy greens (kale, collards, romaine, spinach, chard, etc.)

    1 cup of celery

    1 cup of mixed frozen berries of your choice (strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, etc)

    ยฝ cup filtered water

    Throw in all ingredients and blend till smooth.

    What I did when I first started juicing, I searched fruits and veggies that had properties or health benefits I thought was important and built juices off of that info.

    Anyways, sorry if I don't quite make sense. It's still kinda early for me, just woke up. :)

    Take care and good luck ร—ร—

  • Hi nikki - thanks for the tips and recipe - and it all made sense. I will look at the website. There are so many and some are just interested in moneymaking, so it good to have a recommendation. Will try anything that may help. Helen X

  • Yea, there are a lot and definitely people trying to squeeze as much money out of your pocket as they can.

    Throughout my juicing time I have come across a lot of good blogs. They are usually pretty safe from sales. They might suggest the brand of blender they use and have advertisements, but that is usually the gist.

    I think reboot with joe has blender recipes. I really liked the juicing section, as that is the main point of that website, but I think I remember there being blending info, sorry if I'm wrong. They are selling stuff (fasting nutrition help and I think green drink powder or something along that line) but you don't need to buy anything to get amazing info.

    You don't need to buy anything, except veggies, fruits, herbs, that's about it.

    Mint and parsley are the two main herbs I read about. I LOVE lemon balm too.

    Ginger is amazing and put it in just about everything.

    It has been a while since I went by someone's recipe. After I figured out how it works and found my footing in what I liked, I just grab what I want and go. I might need to dip my toe back in the pool and explore. :)

    Have fun with it.

    Take careร—

  • Sounds like a good idea, will give it more thought. X

  • Well done you. I must start juicing again, i'm not sure it is of any real benefit other than that juice is very filling, low in calories, high in vitamins so i was losing weight simply by not feeling the urge to snack :)

    I have got back on my bike this week, eating healthy is the next step, but if we all motivate each other that is a great help. Let us know how you find the nutri-blend both to use, and keep clean, and of course how you feel with it.

  • The best benefit I find to juicing is how it helps my energy and achiness all over, and it helps loosen my muscles and I sleep better, I haven't really worried about the weight lossof it. Though it would be great, I honestly haven't lost weight during any of my juicing, i maintain.

    But I'm sure eventually I will, when i get my calories under control. :) as I am not too worried about calories right now, I'm trying to just eat healthy stufff, trying to approach things in a healthy way.but anyways.

    I find great benefit in juicing, I hope you do too.

    Take careร—

  • I don't eat a lot of fruit and. vedge so I bought a juicer last year to try and get my vitamins etc, and I love it, especially the 'green' juices, kale, spinach etc, the only downside is the mess after, though sometimes I do make tasty soups out of the pulp by adding a stock cube, so nothing wasted, just make sure to wash the fruit and vedge before juicing if you use the peel like I do in my juicer

  • Hi slomotion , Hope it gives you lots of energy. ...extra flowers !! โ˜บ Peck ๐Ÿค

  • Hi my friend, I want to sincerely wish you a wonderful and happy 2107, and good luck with your diet my friend. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

  • Thanks Ken - have a wonderful year too. Helen X

  • x :)

  • Hi. Juicing is a good way to get your five a day. Watch your portion size though. Fruits contain a lot of sugar that could make you feel worse. Aim for 2 pieces per day max (including any juice). Eat as much veg as you can to boost fibre. Nuts and seeds are great too but I would avoid powders such as baobab, macca, hemp etc since they are far more expensive than say flax/linseed and have less nutrients in them gram for gram than cheaper nut or seed equivalent. Superfoods is a marketing term that has no basis in science so be wary of money makers. Boosting nuts and seeds in the diet will help to stave off hunger and stabilise blood sugar spikes but again watch the portion size (24 almonds is a portion 25-28g). Recommended total sugar (including fruit) is 90g per day. One smoothie could blow this out of the water if you are not too careful. Variety is the key. One carrot will have all the vitamin a you need and a third of a pepper all the vitamin c. Good luck. I have about 2 stone to lose which is tricky when you don't move much.

  • Hello Slothlike, Thanks for the advice re: sugar. My problem is too much salt and it is with great difficulty that I have reduced it. However, my disintegrating body has helped me - lost another tooth and my jaw is worn and dislocates on one side - yuk! So my absolute fave, crisps, are out. I no longer put salt in stews & soups etc but must have it on chips, which I dont eat often.

    My weight is not a problem - I have been around the 9stone mark all my life. Changing my diet is an attempt to get enough food. Chewing anything is painful and juicing is going to help considerably. I have long since given up going out to eat which is a shame as many social events involve meals with friends etc.

    These bodies of ours can be hard to manage.

    I hope you lose the 2 stone, its a challenge. I have a friend who needs a hip operation but they wont do it until she drops 3st. She is trying to fast every other day - not a good way, as the body demands more on the days when eating is allowed. Good Luck. Helen X

  • Hey thanks slomotion. I'm normally quite strict on calories but still been overweight for some time (since I got ill really). Couldn't believe putting on a stone in 3 weeks of being less strict over Xmas though. I agree fasting is a bit dodgy so I'm thinking of focussing on eating less for my evening meal and more protein snacks during the day to see if that works. It's supposed to be better if you have adrenal fatigue (which I suspect I may have....I have CFS btw and my pain is mainly in remission......mostly just continuous dull joint pain now as oppose to delicate Hobbling around pain). I hope the juicing works better for you. The jaw thing sounds awful and I guess puts nuts and seeds right out the window. Might be a bit mealy but perhaps nut flours and flax seed powder might boost your protein and micronutrients a bit...would have to be in some kind of smoothie though rather than juice on its own otherwise the texture would be vile. Agree about the salt...I try and eat 3 eggs a day for the choline, but these are so bland without a bit of salt. Wish you well for the new year. And hope you manage to get something palatable in your new regime. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi Slothlike, one stone in 3 weeks is going it a bit! When illness takes over it is easy to comfort eat without realising it and also lack of movement does not help in any way. Sorry you are so poorly - one day, soon, a cure or a good medicine will be found. Well, we have to hope. Eggs are on the menu for me tonight - Spanish omelette - my version. Frozen sliced peppers, red onion, frozen mix veg, 2/3 eggs. Its so easy, takes no time and tastes great. Season how you like. One of my faves and takes little chewing, prep, washing-up. Ooo now I'm hungry - off to the kitchen. Take care. Helen X

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