To all our Lovely members HAPPY NEW YEAR

Here we are at last 2014 I wonder what it will bring us, Well I hope we all learn to help each other, to be tolerant, to give our time and experience to each other, to manufacture SPOONS (Oh we could all do with extra) So here's hopping the very best to one and all!! xxxgins

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  • I couldn't agree more gins, maybe I will give up felting and turn my attention to wood turning and make spoons to give to everyone ...... Hmmmmm but then again I think wooden spoons are second best....drat !! ;-). Happy New Year gins, I hope this year really does improve for you, you so deserve it to :-)

  • Thank you Foggy for all your wishes, sent yours with love consideration and empathy take great care of yourself this year please :) Happy Whatsits xxxgins

  • Thank you gins, a very Happy New Year to you too, hope it's a very happy healthy and peaceful year, with plenty of breaks from pain, ...gentle hugs....Dee xxx

  • clink clink of the glasses gins :) xx HNY xx

  • Thank you Gins, same to you with much love & gratitude !!!!!! xxx

  • Happy New Year and thank you for all you do xx

  • Happy New Year Gins :)

  • happy new year gins i will go to the pound shop tomorrow and buy lots of bags of plastic party spoons to share out till you manage to manufacture spoons


  • Belated happy new year to you all

  • ll the best Jillylin hope 2014 is a good year for you xxgins

  • And for you gins.



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