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coping with housework

It helps me to do the housework in small chunks,say do 15 minutes to half an hour,then rest for a while with a nice cuppa or a coffee.Hanging up washing is the worst job ,sets off arm pain.Also,bending over to take the washing out of the machine is painful.

The best relief is a good soak in the hot jacuzzi at my local spa after a swim. Sometimes I can swim for 20 minutes and other days only 10 minutes if arm pain is bad.

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i dont do much housework prob manage to hoover thru downstairs the kids help me out alot and they do their own washing but usually hoovering does me in id rather save my energy up to walk the dogs!

we used to have a hot tub in the garden bought if for the kids esp the eldest and youngest as they didnt sleep too well but had to sell it as we needed money to help pay the mortgage this was before fm but now wish it was still here although dont know how i would manage to get in and out have trouble getting in and out of bath now


I can get in the bath but can't get out!The big jacuzzi at the pool is amazing as it is very large and has steps which are easy to use.

Hoovering is really tiring,I agree, and try to get help with it.


that's nice,I can ask my daughter to do it for me if I can't manage so its good to have their support.


I have to do my housework in chunks too..some days though I ache so bad I cant do anything...but one doesnt notice the dust after its been there a me....... and if anyone makes a comment about it I tell them where the dusters are and the polish if it bothers them so bad!


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