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I Have an interesting question?


Well this summer we went to Victoria Island in British Columbia Canada. The temperature reached up to 32 c. Which is tooooo hot for me in the pic I posted it was 30x that day . I'm glad I had my umbrella to shade me . If I stay in the heat to long I end up in the hospital with sever muscle spasms. I have been hospitalized many times from it. So I'm wondering if any of you are what my Dr called it as being hypersensitive to the heat. I'm not allowed to be in Temps above 23c. As that's when the spasms start up. If any of you are like me I would love to know what you do for it. So I don't have to go to the hospital so much.

Thank- you in advance

Your friend Country-Gal

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I am a sun worshipper, but sorry it affects you this way . There are some on here that have problems though. Good luck with replies. X

Don't think I am, but I HATE getting hot. I love the sun, but I sweat so easily. I start sweating at about 74°f , which I believe is 22ish°c. Sorry I'm American and I never learned the conversions, :( .

But I live in the deep south and the summers get reched. Hot hot and its common to have 90-100% humidity. I hate it, I just stay inside some days. My poor husband works outside, I just couldn't do it.

Sorry for rambling.

I do like those cloths that stay cool. I can't remember what they are called. You dampen them wring it out and then it stays cool and really helps me when I'm working in the garden or walking around.

(I googled cool wraps and several brands popped up. I think I have the mission brand and I know people who have the frogg togg brand, but I'm sure they all work the same)

Not sure if it would help you, but it might keep you from over heating. You could always just buy a bunch and have them all over. Ooo you could have someone sew them into a shirt, if you can't. That is brilliant, summer cloths, just mist and go. :) it probably wouldn't work as well as in my head.

Take care××

Like Blue52 I'm a Sun lover but fortunately or unfortunately it doesn't get much above the temp in the UK but I do know what you mean & it does have a big effect on ppl.with Fibro

Luv Jan x

Im the opposite can't bear to be cold, feel like my whole body relaxes when it heats through - too bad i live in the UK. Sorry the heat affects you so badly, and sorry i can't be of much help :(

in reply to tmc182

I'm the same as you tmc. The cold affects me really badly :(

If I was younger I would move abroad somewhere.

Lu xx

Me too, Hate the cold weather, the warmer the better for me, don't think there's any worry of us getting heat stroke over here 😟more like rising damp 😃

Hi Country-gal

Unfortunately being unable to control our own body's internal thermostats is a common symptom of Fibromyalgia.

Some people feel too hot all of the time whereas some like me are cold all the time.

I have to wear socks for bed even in the summer!

If I get too cold I can't warm back up again and end up having to take a hot bath and get into bed.

All I can suggest is that now you are aware of your body thermostat problems you do whatever you can to not get too hot in the first place. Easier said than done although not if you live in the UK! :)

Lu xx

Glad I'm not the only one who wears socks in bed in The Summer 😳 I've even been known to have a hot water bottle under the covers when it's blazing hot outside😃

What a weird and wonderful lot we are!! I was going to suggest we all went away for a few days next year but can you imagine how we would decide on where!!!!....too hot, too cold....too sweaty....no air con....no heating....maybe we had better not!!! Personally I cannot stand too hot. Even when I was younger a million years ago and was able to go abroad I never liked sun bathing and would always sit under an umbrella with a long cool drink and look forward to siesta time in an air con room!! The heat makes my pain unbearable.....yet I still wear socks in bed all year....xx

HI Country-gal , I am very hot natured and live in the US on the east coast where it is extremely hot .I have not had a diagnosis but do have follow up appt Wednesday partly in reference to this problem.I don't get cramps or muscle spasms but I get sick, throwing up, sweating to the point I am drenched.... appear to have been in the shower.At my last appt the gp mentioned it could be my Thyroid med (dose to high) ,I hope to find out something on Wednesday as I hate being hot. It's around 40 degrees Fahrenheit now and I'm OK but if it were cooler I would be fine.I have more pain from FM when it's hot as well.Best wishes , Peck 🐤

My goodness, I would have the air con on all the time! I am not sure if it affects my fibro but getting overheated and sitting in the sun are no nos as I feel really ill, but then that could be my Lupus.

Those cooling cloths you mentioned sound good, I think I will investigate further.

Socks in bed? Noooooooo!


Hi my friend

I am so genuinely sorry to read that. I personally cannot function in the cold as my pain becomes unbearable. I can get too hot but my pain does decrease in the warm. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


I seem to have the ability to go from too hot to too cold in the blink of an eye! That started when the fibro did so I accept it as part of the pattern. I like warm, but then I'm a creature of a temperate climate.


Hi Country-gal, I don't think I have the heat problem as severe as you do, I think I am more allergic to strong sunlight. I think it was caused by medication I had a few years ago. It isn't as bad as when it initially started, Nowadays, it is more like prickly heat, but if the exposure is prolonged for more than half an hour, the skin begins to crack and bleed. Equally I am hopeless in cold weather. Can't seem to win, the perfect weather for me is a temperature no higher than 20c and no colder than 15c between those I feel fine.

I love Victoria Island, such a lovely part of Canada, my son and his family live in Vancouver, so we have visited a few times now, but not when the weather was hottest, we go late September, the temperature is really pleasant. The worse of the heat is over and the cold hasn't yet arrived.

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