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Interesting Lecture!

I'm off to a lecture today, by a distinguished American rheumatologist who has a particular intterest in Fibromyalgia.

It will be good to be in a hospital again without being on the receiving end - after a nursing career spanning over forty years, I miss the buzz of belonging there rather than having to visit because of my illness.

I have been looking forward to this all week, and wouldn't you just know it, I seem to be starting a 'flare' today.

My thumb joints are on fire, and my knees and ankles are swollen.

I have three hours to get a soak in a hot bath and try to limber up a little, 'cos I'm darned if If I'm going to stagger into this event like an old cripple.

Plenty of make up and a gorgeous new kaftan should hide a multitude of sins, so wish me luck for a stylish entry!

Other members of this site are attending too .... I am sure we will all report back later!

Luv to all .... Moffy

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I shall look out for the kaftan ! Looking forward to seeing people here and listening to what everyone , not least Dr Holman , has to say.


Ooh ... I shall look forward to meeting you, Daphne ... and everyone else! It's so good to have a bit of a social outing even if it does have to do with illness!

See ya there! x


I think we did meet - we had a cup of tea together ! Well, what an interesting lecture . Admittedly some of it was ( for me ) a little difficult to follow and I am still in the process of thinking about what was said. I wonder how many hospitals in the UK have the capacity , financial and otherwise , to offer this MRI scan to patients routinely coming through their doors with fibromyalgia. Are they open to this idea ? It would have been nice to have had some sort of formal representation from Poole hospital itself to either comment or to have responded to questions from the audience as well . Anyway, I would like to say a big thank you to Rachel and all those who organised the lecture . Frances.


Hi Frances ... It was you! I'm so pleased we met.

Yes, it was a great lecture, and I was just saying to my friend that UK scanning equipment is well behind that which they have in the States.

I gather that Poole hospital is presently raising money to buy a state-of-the-art MRI scanner, but then of course they have to find funds for running it. As you say, management of the hospital were conspicuously absent - or at least didn't make themselves known.

The NHS does not have a good record of investing in cost-effective cure - managers have long held to the tenet of only looking at this year's spreadsheet, and not considering the financial implications of future long-term treatment needed by the chronically ill. I'm sure it will be a long while before these scans are routinely offered.

Ah well, great food for thought, and thanks indeed to Rachel and everyone for a most interesting afternoon.

Take care, and stay in touch. Janie x


Will do, Janie. Good to have met you.


You are so right about the professional arrogance of the UK medical profession. Whilst I support the NHS - free at the point of need philosophy, I do think the American system has the advantage of physicians having to listen more or patients will vote with their feet and they won't get paid.

This Dr Holman sounds like a lovely man. I've already fought this battle once 20 years ago for my service users and we had the very kind Professor Jeff Dusheiko who would turn up to speak to (and be heckled by) active drug users about hepatitis C for no return. I do wish I was down in London and still working with him.

Is the presentation available online anywhere? Where is Dr Holman based as it sounds as if he is the type to forward the presentation to me if I asked him?

I've replied to your PM x


The Utube video will do nicely thanks Lynn.


Thank you Lynn for all your efforts yesterday and for trying your best to get someone from Poole Hospital to speak as well . I did notice some nurses there but not knowing any consultants by sight ( except for one who I don't think was present ) couldn't tell if there was anybody from the Rheumatology department. I suppose they do not want to commit themselves by speaking at such an event. There is probably a lot of internal politics going on that we don't know about and I suspect a lot of what goes on is governed by finance ( lack of it ) . I was very impressed by Dr Holman so yes, it was a really good day , very worthwhile and much appreciated.


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