At flipping Last !!!!

At flipping Last !!!!

After being driven nearly to distraction over the last few days, I have had to resort to making a new email address and creating a "New Me" but underneath it all, including the sideways on dog avatar (not sure how that happened, but then lots of strange things have happened in the last couple of days) I am the same old Foggy (Fibrofoggiest) but have become hyphenated !! Please let this be the end of the problems and hope that we can get back into the flow and start having some fun posts again, together of course with those of support and encouragement. I hope and pray that we have all come through this unscathed, (tho the headache I had yesterday felt very scathed)

Hoping for the best

Foggy x

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  • Ah, Foggie - you're back, too! Everyone is gradually squeezing back through gaps in the door. We've lost our volunteer badges and I can't find my way back to the hut, but as soon as I do, everyone's invited to tea!

    Moffy x

  • And cake??? if so count me in. Unless I get logged out again :(

  • Hello Mal,

    You're here too and getting used to the new site slowly but surely??

    Emma :)

  • I am here when it lets me in - which is infrequently. I get logged out every time I blink, even though I ticked the box to stay logged in. Then when I attempt to log back in my details are invalid??? So not too sure I am getting used to it, or at the moment even like it, but I will give it time to settle down and see if it still lets me in

  • Hi Maladjusted,

    We are working to resolve the issue with users being logged out. Thanks for your patience.


  • Oh good,is a bit tedious but at least I can get logged in now,will be great when we stay logged in x

  • Frustrating isn't it,I can log in now,but doesn't keep me logged in yet,has been a stressful week,especially for other users on the depression community,which is perhaps why I struggled too,was rather scary feeling so disconnected with everyone! Glad to see you here xxx

  • Della, Some people have copied and pasted my explanations for other communities if it will help the members you have said are struggling. They are pinned to the side, right hand side to click on and then copy and paste ...then post there if you like. Emma :)

  • Thanks Emma,I will have a go! xx

  • Hi foggy glad the instructions worked ... In technical difficulties it seems some people's pictures are upside down and some are physcadelic .. They are being looked into... So you had to be different and return sideways :D

  • Looks like we are back on track dosen't it I have just descovered polygonum larva saw fly gubs eating my solemons seal I now have to pick them off and exterminate oh joy

  • Could you not just spray them with a mix of washing up liquid and water, it's done the trick for me with many infestations (not of Me I should say ;-) )

    Foggy x

  • unfortunately not had to pick them off by hand they are a catterpillar which turns into a sort of beetle fky a Polygonum saw fly and it has eaten by bush :) lol never min xgins

  • Hi Foggy,

    Sorry you have had a stressful time but coming back a new you !! I plan to have some time tomorrow to have a pamper time and do my hair. So, maybe I will come back a new me too, next week .... :)

    Glad you are back. Please check out the posts I have written that may be of help about the changes in the platform.

    Speak Soon

    Emma :)

  • Hi there, thank you, it has nearly driven me nuts because no way I could sign in, it always came up with a problem which was seemingly insurmountable , but hey I got round it in the end, so apart from the avatar issue I'm now back ...phew .......please don't re-hash this again any time soon :)

  • Hello,

    I don't think HealthUnlocked have any plans to change the platform again anytime soon. I think of the mammoth task they had changing all the platforms for all the charities that use HU sites. I am glad we are all settled in now too. Hopefully you all can now get back to normal !

    Emma :)

  • It's looking better welcome back mal I have only been thrown out once so far and I have a tame green bar following me .... Sorry its mine but I may lend him out at times .. I have named him Garry

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