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Hiya I'm 36 married with 1 child who's 18 now, I have had fibro for about 7yrs i try to manage it well with limited meds but sometimes I feel like dying I'm that ill. I also suffer from spondylitis of my spine, osteoarthritis in my hips, IBS, sickness, Vertigo, Stomach ulcers and many many more lol. I have BPD and Bipolar and is very touchy as a person I tend too take things wrong lol.

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Hello Urban-angel welcome to the gang. Sorry you have fibro and a lot of other terrible illness's. You have a lot going on. Someone from admin will be along to update you. Post you moans and groans we're here to listen. Post your happy times too. We all like a laugh too. I have Spondylosis in my neck so I know some of what your going through. I've been in bed now for 3 days on morphim so if I ramble you know why haha xx


Sorry to hear you have all this i have osthrightues i b s discks inout bottom of my spine fluid gone out bottom of my spine divculites deppresion pstd dont know if its bi polar asma


Hello Urban-angel and welcome to our friendly fibro forum, where you can get support, advice and help along with a giggle along the way.

Have you seen our Mother Site ? Here you will find a wealth of useful information, guides and links to everything about fibro.

I am sorry you are having so much trouble with pain and feeling awful. You have a lot going on with your body, or should I say a lot going wrong with your body!.

You have come to the right place here, there will be many members who are suffering like you and can share their experiences and help with pain relief and coping day to day.

I do hope we will see you around the forum.


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Hi Urban-angel

Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thank you


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