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Hey, people.

I'm new here. I just have a couple of questions regarding fibromyalgia. I seem to have been suffering with this condition for about 9 years now, but I didn't know that for the first 8 years as I was misdiagnosed! Anyway, my pain is mainly centred in my lower body, especially my feet and legs. The tiredness and fatigue is something else! But recently I've had pain in the knuckles of my two last fingers in my right hand. They are tender to the touch more so than when I use them, and in the mornings I can't clench my fist, my hand just stiffens up. Does anyone else have that issue?

Another thing is my left thigh/groin muscle. Every so often when I stand up it gives out and I almost fall down. Sometime I end up limping as it hurts when I put weight on it. I don't know if it's related or not but I'm just wondering if anyone else has similar issues like that? I understand that there are varying degrees of problems within fibro and the severity of each of those problems from person to person, but I'm hoping that someone can shed some light on it for me? Looking up these things online usually end up telling me I'm dying or something! Lol

Many thanks 😊

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  • Well it sounds like me. Maybe. For years my muscles can been inflamed and as I have been de-inflamming them I found they were constantly tightening . My hands and knuckles hurt worse when My forearm muscles are tight and even upper arm muscles. The groin is from the inner thigh. Stretching these muscles always bring me some relief. Stretch 30 seconds a couple times. Stretch under 20 seconds and it won't help and over maybe 45 seconds to 1 minute and you can cause tears in your muscles.

    I am finding relief with magnesium oil too. I have only been using it a couple days but I feel like I can rub deeper easier, if that makes sense.

    You can try exercises for injuries to those muscles, that helps me too.

  • Hey naturalnikki, thanks for your reply.

    What anti-inflammatory do you use?

    My doctor and specialist have suggested I exercise but most exercises really hurt. Having said that, I've heard that gentle Pilates help, so I may try that.

    Regarding the inside of my thigh, I've noticed that when I have a flare up, if I turn my foot inwards the pain subsides a bit. Although I try not to walk like that in public as I get a lot of strange looks!

    Do you think cortisone could help?

  • I juice fruits vegs roots- ginger is great anti-inflammatory.

    I have never seen gentle pilates, so I have no idea about that that. I do suggest range of motion exercises and simple easy exercises that will strengthen but not over work or hurt. Start small and find a pace that is comfortable to you.

    I love walking for a couple minutes at a time through out my day. I'll clean sit then walk then sit then clean then sit then walk.

    I take breaks a lot try not to use one muscle group too much at one time.

    Cortisone may be helpful, I haven't used it. My mom used to get shots in her elbows she said they hurt and were really sore for several days but I think they would help her a little.

    Good luck.

  • Walking is a must Nordic walking is good younhad two sticks x

  • I do Tai Chi when I can.It is slow and gentle and we use music so it is very pleasant. I can't do all the moves but concentrating on trying helps. Our instructor is also a nurse, which helps too.


  • Do let me know how you get on. I can't separate the whole movement in my mind so I would be interested to see how it works.


  • Yes this is so good

  • Hi YasmineKD

    Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have pasted you a link below to our mother site, FMA UK which hosts load so useful Fibro information:


    I am so genuinely sosry to read that you are suffering and struggling and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck. With any new pain or persistent pain it is always best to talk to your doctor about just to get other medical conditions ruled out for the equation?

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • ThAnkyou Ken I work with fmauk and they have got lots invaluble information

    Also please note we hadMPCome to the group and asked us to tell people who have difficulties with issues to contact their local.MP

  • Hi Celtic-235 thank you so much for your input it is genuinely appreciated my friend. We quite often suggest to members that they do this and it can prove invaluable to bring your MP on board.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • ThAnkyou much

  • Ken I started a group and this has helped me and fmauk have a list of groups or someone could start their own with help from fmauk

  • Yes, we quite often paste the FMA UK web page link for this on the forum as members do ask about how to join / create a group on occasion. I personally think it is a good thing to do!

  • YasmineKD , Hello and welcome. ..glad to have you! ! I have the finger and had swelling baf, ouch!! Also the feet and ankles, be careful my gave out a few years ago now have 23 pens and 2 plates...always make sure they are 'awake' when you go to stand. Take care.Peck 🐤

  • Welcome....Yes hands and fingers swell and feel like a bunch of sausages! Cramp like feelings around the ribs sometimes so bad breathing is painful. Also I use a walking stick as my leg (only one) gives out with pain....I try cold compress on my hands which helps....cold not hot! But heat helps my lower back pain....hope you can find some answers to your questions and let us know how you go.....

    Trikki x

  • Hi Yasmine,

    I'm a Lupie and have Fibro too. I can sympathise as I have nearly the same problems as you. My feet hurt all the time. My knees are very uncooperative when going up or down stairs and my hips are painful to sleep on. My hands hurt and are stiff and I'm constantly knackered. But what can we do? We just have to grin and bare it I'm afraid. They tell me my Hydroxychloroquine is working so I must go with that. Do you have anything that helps?


  • Hi I had to move from a beautiful house to a park home because could not do stairs x

  • Hi guys! I wasn't expecting quite a response. Thank you all so much for your comments 😊

    It seems we are all in the same boat, yet regarding the chest issue which a couple of you have mentioned - what does it feel like? I occasionally get some pain but my doctor told me its acid reflux. The thing is, there is no burning sensation. It feels like I've swallowed a tennis ball that's gotten stuck combined with a knitting needle!

    As for exercise, for 8 years I had been misdiagnosed with plantar fasciitis, so all the exercises my specialists gave me did nothing. A year ago my left knee started hurting whilst doing a bit of cardio. I stopped immediately but it hasn't been the same since. Ive tried some stretches but it's just too painful.

    My doctor prescribed me some antidepressants and a bunch of strong pain killers but it doesn't seem to cut it. My doctor and the specialists I've seen do not think it could anything other than fibro.

    Woopcushen, what is cfs?

  • Chronic fatigue sydrome

  • Hi, I get the problem with my knuckles feeling stiff and a bit swollen. Sometimes it just comes on in the afternoon and I even have it now. I just try and keep moving them but sometimes I find movement intensely irritating because they get sticky. My knees go like this as well. Almost like when bending then it feels like I am trying to bend them the wrong way. I believe this is the fibro - but I think its always worth checking with the doctor because otherwise you can end up putting everything down to fibro when it could be something else. Also it is always worth getting your symptoms recorded by the doctor.

    I think that movement where possible is the key because I have found that it helps with the stiffness. But its not easy when you feel fatigued or it just hurts too much. So I just try and make little tiny repetitive movements. If I don't do this I get so stiff I can't stand or walk at all sometimes.

    I hope this puts your mind at rest that its fibro but as I say best to check with the doctor as well.

    Take care

  • Hi Blueby,

    I was diagnosed with fibro by my rheumatologist last November. It was after a long process of elimination. She also did the pressure point test thing, and I didn't even know I was sensitive in those areas! Lol.

    The stiffness I have in my hand is always in the morning, and I have to slowly clench and open my fist several times before I even get out of bed. I don't want to get out of bed with a thigh muscle that gives out and then with a useless hand that can't grip anything if I fall.....

  • I know about the fear of falling thing and so does my radiator as its still half hanging off the wall after I fell on it. Its horrible when something gives as you get out of bed. I have put a chair near my bed so I get up in stages now. No more rushing to the loo first thing in the morning for me :)

  • Phoneyour council and ask for accessment with occupational

  • Therapists

  • Yes I have this to

  • Well done

  • I just thought of something else...

    Does anyone suffer with sensory issues too? For example, I can't stand random loud noises. I find it painful and it makes my body want to clench up. Apparently that's all part of fibro. Not only are we sensitive to pressure and touch, but also sensory wise too.

  • Me to

  • I get the noise thing too. Started after a really bad ear infection.

    My latest symptom though is restless leg and tonight randomly restless hand lol

    I'm twitching away like I've sat on an ants nest lol

  • I don't have the twitching but I often feel a relentless ache as if I've been holding up my legs for ages. That's probably part of the fatigue issue.

  • Bless you

  • Bless all.part of fibro.what I.say to people life changing but not life threatening x

  • I have a lot of the same issues. Sometimes I can't make a fist because two of my fingers are so stiff. Since I've been taking Guaifenesin 600mg twice a day I have loosened up a lot.

  • I might have to check that out, see if it works for me too.

  • Morning, I've been diagnosed a month ago and my symptoms are the same as yours. I also get cold when these pains occurs, are you too?

  • I don't get cold when the pain occurs. In fact, it's kinda the other way around. My pain worsens when the weather is really cold. Not by much though, but enough to notice.

  • Yes

  • Yes I have problem with right leg inwalknwith a stick now hun

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