Any good tips?

Hello everyone. Was wondering if anyone has found any good solutions for this little tricksie? How to wear glasses when even just the touch of them is killing your nose and ears?

Yes I know it's a great opportunity for lots of funnies - but I'm in so much pain at the moment, any serious solutions gratefully received. You know those times when if someone even touchs you, its 'The Scream' - live in your lounge. Decibels rather high too.

I just want my glasses to float in front of my eyes so the searing pain doesn't through my nose into my brain!

Yuck, yuck, yuck. That's my word for today. Could have an F at the front of course but I'm liking yuck better for now.

Could I sellotape them to the end of my nose so they're barely touching but not falling off? Not wearing them is not an option!! Break the arms off an older pair and sellotape them to my forehead?

Oh for a painkiller that actually works long term. Especially one that doesn't add 70lbs, make visits to the khaki more kamikaze than just popping to the ladies, and countless others joys including loosing the desire to whip your husband's kegs off thrice daily and 'think of England' as me Ma used to say. Even though we live in Wales!!!

Gosh. You wouldn't think I'm was a tad fed up today would you?

So seriously - has anyone tried anything on the glasses front? And if you've found that painkiller, please share. I want some.

Happy Saturdays, Tillie

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  • Hi, good morning- I too have enough specs to start a shop!! I have discovered its the sizing of certain parts of the specs to get them comfy.. I finally had some transition lenses put in an old pair of frames I picked up in America years ago, the sides are bent outwards and then behind my ear-so finely made, the lenses are rim free and just a nose piece with soft jelly made nose rests,, suns ugly but they are quite stylish.. Rimless I recommend

  • Hi Tillie

    I have the same problem when I have a migraine.

    I have a pair of extra lightweight glasses that I barely know are there.

    They weren't particularly expensive.

    I gather you have already thought about contact lenses?

    Lu xx

  • Eyes too dry for contacts sadly. Hard to peel the lids off the eyeball these days. I'm sure you know the feeling!

    It's a great idea and I can't believe I didn't think of it.

    Thanks guys!

  • I can't remember what my glasses are made of. I may be about to make a fool of myself but I think they are titanium.

    Your optician will obviously know.

    Lu xx

  • Ah yes Kaz. Lightweight. I'm in need do an optical visit to upgrade my eyes. Different glasses maybe the solution. Perhaps better than walking around with cotton wool stuck all over my head.

    Why didn't I think of that one? Even if I just keep a pair for bad days, being more of a 1950s-esque type glasses gal.

    Thank you so much.

  • Hi Til65

    I feel for you as I often get sinus problems and earache, not to mention headaches, and between them they do make wearing glasses painful sometimes. Sadly as I need varifocals for short sight and reading, and both eyes are a different prescription, I have no choice but to wear glasses. Like you I couldn't possibly wear contacts, just the thought of it makes my stomach churn.

    I think NurseGladys123 and BlueMermaid3 have given you the best solution of lightweight rimless glasses.

    Just another thought though, if your eyes are roughly the same prescription as each other and you need glasses mainly for reading, could you perhaps try one of those full page size magnifying glasses. You know the A4 size ones. A long shot but might be worth trying just for those times when it is a real problem. Unless of course your eyes are so painful you can't even read then it won't be much help.

    Hope you find a solution soon.

    Gentle hugs,

  • Thanks Margaret. My Mum has one of them which she no longer uses. Might be time for some relocation. Great idea too. Thank you.

    It's rather miserable isn't it. Today, back to bed and to close those lids was my only solution.

    Worked for a bit, but it's back.

    Thank you so much, Til xxx

  • Hi, have you tried Pince Nez ( pinched nose) glasses , they just sit on the end of your nose, don't know how comfy they are, but they would be very light .

  • Ha ha, I wondered about them. They're so fab, but didn't think you'd still be able to get them other than antique shops.

    I could hunt for some with the right script and style it out huh!!

    Thanks very much.

  • I have bought some Titanium glasses recently which are more expensive but extremly light and they dont cause me rashes like normal glasses. also maybe get the softer gel nose parts rather than the hard plastic ones. any optician should change the noseparts for free.


  • Hi Til65

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are experiencing this horrid issue, and I get this quite often due to frequent headaches. I tend to buy very lightweight specs when I go to the opticians.

    I have read that your eyes are too dry for contact lenses but these days they can undertake laser surgery for most eye afflictions. I am considering this for myself to help with my shortsightedness?

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hello

    It's worth going into a good opticians and asking if your glasses are fitting correctly.

    We're already in pain, badly fitted spec will only make it worse.

    Kind regards


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