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Sleep meds advice

I'm really desperate. I can't sleep for more than 3hrs. Has anyone found anything that really works to knock you out for the night but without the hangover in the morning?

Things that haven't worked:











There may be others I've forgotten.

Thanks you.

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Hi there

I have been a complete insomniac for 30 years, but randomly enough I occasionally take Nytol which works for me.

I have checked with my pharmacist whether it is ok to take with all my meds and he confirmed that it was ok.

I take the one in the light blue box.

Lu xx

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Hiya so sorry your going through this. It must be dreadful. I cannot recommend anything for you angel I'm afraid. Amitriptyline works for me. Hope you get some relief soon x


Could insomnia trigger fibromyalgia? I have seen so many people say they suffer from it, and I do too. Mine began as a newborn baby, my mum has always needed her sleep and often it so easy to drop off, and she was disappointed that her newborn hardly ever slept. Even when I do fall asleep I wake so many times in the night. Last night I actually slept for five hours solid, which is new for me, but then I was drugged with 150mg of lyrica, 60mg of duloxetine and 2mg of diazepam. I haven't tried nytol so cannot comment about that, except to say that the adverts seem to suggest it works.

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My heart goes out to you, as it is a never ending circle, if you do not sleep properly then your FMA gets worse. I have been on Nortriptyline for nearly five years, but realised that it was not doing me any good and my sleeping was getting worse if that is possible. so I have taken myself off, still have terrible pain, but I am using Lavender capsules (Kalms 80mg) and I am sleeping better, you will have to check if you can take them with other medication, best wishes.

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Unfortunately, you qualify for the Night Owls forum club as there are quite a few of us wide awake in the small hours. I have always been a light sleeper from as far back as I could remember only getting a few hours a night. Since fibro struck it has been a nightmare well I say that tinfuein cheek as I literally don't sleep long enough in one stretching have time for a proper nightmare.

I have tried all the herbs and all the sleep tips but unfortunately none has made any difference. I use Silicone about once a week and it gives me about four different!anointed hours but I am now finding that I have a headache the next day that resembles what I would think was a hangover headache.

I think we might be falling asleep sometimes and then as we relax we turn in bed and it hurts and we do t know what has forced us awake. Other times we are in so much pain getting a comfy position is impossible.

You have my heart felt sympathy as I wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy. If you do find a cure let us know as many of us would be very grateful.x

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Hello Trazzlepops,

You have an impressive list of medicines there! I have no medical training to suggest which combination works best ? We all respond so individually to medication any way? None have found a magic cure to insomnia .

I would like to suggest a multi pronged approach? It might be helpful to ask for a review of your current tablets as many tablets list sleeplessness as a common side affect? try writing down intrusive worries before you go to bed: to get them out of your system ? so they are out , rather than inside stressing you? And I know this will sound very mundane and insensitive: but try and be as physically active as you are able during the day because a physically tired body can sleep more deeply?

I was also wondering if relaxation techniques might help with sleep as fibromyalgia seems to be a problem of the central nervous system where the body is permanently stuck on high volume and relaxation may help to turn down the volume control? This is what I am hoping for myself. I am sorry if I sound "hippy" or know it all? We all hope to find away of coping with pain and physical limitations?

I have watched my son struggle with insomnia and anxiety for many years and he was given many different drug options over 10 plus years: many of which seem to be used for nerve pain and fibro too. Each having both benefit and unpleasant side effects. Life can become a cost benefit analysis as to which drug has the least unpleasant side affect. We , with fibro are all struggling to get deep refreshing sleep. And are doing our best just to get through the day .

I apologize if I have offended you? I am still coming to terms with my various autoimmune health issues and I have other health issues too for which I have had operations and drugs from childhood. I am now in my fifties and I am finding the prospect of taking the recommended drugs more than a little terrifying!

I wish you luck and hope you find something that brings peace and relief. xx

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I think insomnia is a big factor with fibromyalgia. Unfortunately some members are like you and have tried everything in the medical chest to get a good nights sleep. I am taking amitriptyline at night and whilst it helps with the pain it is not enough to send me to sleep.

There is a thing called sleep hygiene which means no electronic things like the telly, phone or laptop, the room to be cool and well ventilated, no meals within 3-4 hours of bedtime, a bath, (not too hot) a warm milky drink, comfortable bedclothes, reading and any other distraction to stop you getting anxious.

After following all that, (except the bath, we have a shower) I am frequently still waiting for sleep, so my own bit of advice is give it an hour, get up and make a drink, not coffee, go to the loo and sit in the lounge with a blanket and put the telly on the news channels. These are often so boring that you will find yourself getting sleepier. Do not delay, go back to bed!

I have read that we have eight minutes to get to bed and asleep from the first yawn and feeling tired. It is a mistake to think you just need to watch the end of the programme or finish a bit of knitting. If your body says you are ready at ten o'clock at night, go for it Trazzlepops !

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Hi Trazzlepops

I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I was wondering if you have considered a change in routine before bedtime as the medication isn't working? I knwo many insomniacs (I am one) try and change around their bedtime habits such as no phones, computers, TV etc an hour before bedtime. It may be worth a try for a few weeks?

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Banana tea is as good as anything i have ever tried. Bring approx 500ml of filtered water to the boil in a pan, chop thends off banana, do not remove skin, cut banana in 3 or 4 pieces, i put in 2 cloves because it helps my breathing but some say add cinnamon, simmer for 10 minutes, drain into cup and drink 1 hour before intended sleep time. I also eat the mushy banana including the skin, it tastes absolutely fine despite what you may think, i dismissed this advice for 6 months with a loud YUK until my GP told me to do it It worked for me absolutely perfectly after 2 or 3 nights, longer and deeper sleep and no hangover.


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