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4 hours sleep in 3 days :-(

Feel like the Big Brother bloke.

Day 3

2 am,

Emma has been awake since Friday.


In case you hadnt guessed. My fibro comes with regular bouts of insomnia.

Had a fab conversation with my mum yesterday bless her. She knows I havent slept and is concerned obviously. Part of her concern was shown by saying "you really should try to get some sleep"

I replied "I have mum, but I cant"

"Oh I know" she said "but you cant survive on no sleep, you should try and just have a doze"

I pointed out that one of the main rules to insomnia is not sleeping.

Im nothing if not a fair player. I always stick to the rules. ;-)

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Hi Emma, I am too ...obviously ! It is severe redtless leg syndrome that keeps me awake most nights.

Just a word of warning though it can have serious effects .

Last monthni was taken into hospital suffering chronic sleep deprivation, It got to where i was pacing up and down trying to relieve the sensations in my legs for days and would just pass out for a minute or two then the symptoms would start again and so it contnued for days, The hospital knocked me out with large doses of morphine and everytime i woke up they gave me more until i had slept gor 25 hours! X


WOW! thats nasty.

I tok get that but nowhere near as bad as you. Bless you.

I sometimes have that syndrome run through my body. It feels like its in my blood. Its a horrible sensation.

Your experience sounds terrible.

I do know that morphene doesnt work on me ( they pumped me full of it when I snapped my knee cap) I was having oralmorph and through a drip amd a button. (Didnt work)

So if I end up like you thell have to use a large mallet!! ;-)

You poor thing though. Sorry you suffer that. Its a horrible syndrome. Its not just your legs is it. Its like a chinese torture thing. You go slightly mad.

when I have it I bounce my legs around which gives my poor boyfriend sea sickness ha.



Thats right it I can get it all over but mainly my feet, legs and arms are the worst.I am on the rls forum too so lots of support there, its amazing how many suffer as I do.Its thought my fibro was triggered by lack of deep sleep.My fibro isn't as bad ad many on hete mainly deep muscle aches.Anyway I am on a tablet and the battery is nearly gone so hope you do manage some sleep, I am off for a walk around the block! I am sure we will find each other on here many a night.So sorry you have lost your job etc .I gave up work too was impossible. Could you try a relaxant medication or have you already been through all that sort of thing.My friend finds a hypnosis tape help.How long has the insomnia been going on for?Got to go only 2 percent battery x


I have suffered from Restless Legs Syndrome for years and recently found Magnesium to provide wonderful relief.


Hi EandA

I am so sorry to read that you are not able to sleep, and I can relate wholeheartedly to your predicament. I have been an insomniac for many years! There are few things in life more unpleasant than laying in bed wishing you could simply nod off!

I want to wish you all the best of luck and I genuinely hope that you manage to get some good quality sleep eventually.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thanks Ken just wish I could settle and read or watch a film ot something but with severe restless legs you cant keep still long enough

Bless you for your concern x


unfortunately Fibro doesn't play to the rules :(

And resistance to morphine and other opiates is normal. Doesn't help either.

Good luck


Hi p1pp1ns and emma, i found restless legs and other parts much improved once i started vit d on pescription, blood tests can show if you are low and frequently fibro pstients are. Lack of vit d causes pain in muscles, restless legs etc. Hoping this helps

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Hi all

Me too with the insomnia !

I try not to nap in the day even tho I feel like death. No sleeping at night from constant pain all over body. Morphine relieves pain but seems to wake me up even more. I was on Clomipramine at night I may have to go back to it. Always reluctant to start another drug as I'm already on so many but this lack of sleep is changing my character and making life not worth living.


Tell me about it,dont people think if we could sleep we would.

Mine is restless legs that keeps me a wake doctor as given me new tablets to try but these just help with the mad out lash not the restless part.

What I want to know is why fibro comes with so many add ons.

Emma there is not much we can do and say just sleep when you can.

Does anyone know is there any where Facebook twitter, where we can talk to each other during our awake nights because I find I just want to put my hair out ,which by the way as got thinner since having fibro.

I think we all could help each other out.


I'm so glad you still have a sense of humpour about it. I am like you have always been a really poor sleeper but since this illness came I am the same and can go days without sleeping. I get sick of listening to my MP£ player and reading books as I can tell more or less straight away whether it is going to be one of those nights. Once or twice a week I decide that I have to try and snatch a couple of hours so will resort to the dreaded sleeping pill and will snatch a few hours or occasionally my own body says enough is enough nd I might have one of those nights where I get snatches of sleep naturally and iy is strange that often the next day I feel terrible I don't think my body is used to relaxing. I could right a book about all the methods I have tried but nothing works. I could scream when my friends keep on saying that they are nodding off in the chair after dinner and wake up to go to bed to sleep another 8 hours, why can;t they give us just a few hours of their sleep some people are so greedy (ha! ha!) I pray that everyone who has the same problems finds something that helps as I wouldn't wish it on anyonex


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