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Am I disabled if I have FMS?

Fibro flare is lasting an age, I've been off work for 6 weeks now & need to go back to doctors, every time I go I get signed off again & talk about pain meds.

I really thought I was coping as had this for 16 years now, never been this bad. I don't feel depressed but frustrated! Before I was very active going to step aerobics but now I'm so weak even lifting a cup sometimes is too hard.

Are we considered disabled?? I didn't feel like it but now not so sure.

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I consider myself as disabled. I walk with a walking stick, which I wouldn't need to if I was able. I think disabled means that we are less able to do some things than others in which case I believe I qualify. There are things I would love to be able to do but am unable to, even things I used to do and miss.


Well you are entitled to claim for a blue badge and DLA but as to actually be registered as disabled is a tricky question, some would say yes , others no and some GPS and rhuemys say it doesn't exist... I have fibro but I also have arthritis .. I get low care dla and I do have a disabled bus pass.. But my dla is for arthritis , yet my bus pass I got because of the meds I take for fibro make me unsafe to drive.... Confusing yes ... DLA ignore my fibro .. my council acknowledge it and gave me a bus pass....Do I consider myself disabled.. Yes because of all the things I can't do due to arthritis and fibro. I also use sticks for walking or use my mobility scooter on days I can't use the bus.

Lets see what other people think.....

VG x


There used to be a register but I don't think there is any more

But your council would tell you what to do social services

Or look at GOV.Uk

Then look at the disability act


Sorry disability act 2010. Lots of updates on it


People who have chronic pain for over a year are considered disabled


Sorry you are feeling so rough at the moment, this has been something that I have struggled with and still haven't got my head around. I am still able to drive, short distances, or break longer journeys down, I was told I could apply for a blue badge, which I haven't as I am lucky that my legs, though painful in flares are still able to carry me. I get lower care level DLA but have a mental block with seeing myself as disabled.........this is just for me......each person sees things in the way that is helpful to them. I hope you are able to sort this out with your GP. Good luck :-) Foggy x


There is no longer a register of disabled people, though some local authorities may hold their own lists for the purposes of social services, blue badges, etc.

Whether you are considered disabled for the purposes of the Equality Act depends on how your condition(s) affect you.

The section on 'Your Rights' on the page below should explain it:


Hi there,

Lindsey is rite i feel and it depends on how it affects the individual, some can have a condition that others have but yet not need any disability help.. how well i know some one with a condition i also have which i was born with and never claimed and neither have i and its only started to really constantly affect my life since 2010, they are not nowhere near in the way i am as it affects individuals different, so the DLA etc go on how badly it affects you.

Wishing you all the best and hope that everyone has helped you too xxxxx

caroline xx


Hi, sorry to hear your like this, I relate to how you feel and what your saying. I think Fibro should be considered a disablement. Bit seems there's still controversially over this subject. I do think other conditions come with it, three so many things fibro covers but until there's more investigation I rekon it's going tobe one of those subjects of ,is it or isn't it. Maybe things will change ,,, and we will get some recognition,, x


You can be considered to have a disability if you have had and will continue to have a chronic health condition that affects your ability to participate in everyday tasks without aids and assistance. So the majority of us with fibro have a disability under the Equalities Act.

You are right that there should no longer be a register of disabled people, although a small minority of local authorities still do this.

If you are thinking about going back to work, I just have after 6 weeks off, your gp can put measures in place to ease you back in. Mine put down for me to have a phased return to work, where you can work at a reduced hourly day or alternate days. They can even specify not doing certain aspects of your job if they think it could hinder your further recovery.

It is hard when you have had a change in your condition and takes time to get used to. I too, like most others probably used to be very active. I used to regularly walk between 5 to 10 miles over fields and nature walks for charity. I have just brought my first mobility scooter.

I have seen my hours at work reduce from full time to 29 hours and now 22.

I hope you are soon out of your flare and feeling better.

Take care.


hi there

i used to work 36-48hrs and was v active as am only 25 now i rely on a stick zimmer frame indoors and wheelchair or my new mobility scooter outdoors. i cannot cook my own meals nor can i bathe or dress without some assistance. on real bad days i cannot get out of bed. i am in my mind disabled i have been in this flare up since may officially last year with yet any ease praying one day wake up no pain thats if i sleep. its one of the hardest things i have dealt with and i have suffered 3 miscarriages and alot of other family illnesses and more. one only 3 months prior to the flare up. even with this flare up i get intense pains constant meds help to numb me sometimes others nothing will help. tried most things now. pain clinic say i cannot have pysio too unwell or accupuntcure. i feel ive lost me the real me good old laugh with friends stopped. what friends - noone appears to want to help me in my wheelchair apart from a couple of them or help me on/off loo etc. my life is not the same and i wish it would change back to the good old times. 25 and life looking really depressing.

so sorry i drifted away but disabled is how u feel and what u can/cant do anymore and your limits. xx gentle hugs kez xx


I certainly class myself as disabled! I have had to give up soooo much as I just don't have the ability, or the will, to do so many things. Relinquishing some independence is the worst thing for me. I've always been fiercely independent and it depresses me that I am no longer able to do some simple things like get dressed alone, even getting my legs into bed at night is a feat in itself!! XX


I consider myself disabled .. But hey it is just a title I am also going grey and last week called elderly !!!!! I would rather be called disabled than elderly. Lol

VG hope you dont mind me asking how do you know you got dla for arthritis , is it on the conformation letter . Have I missed It ( wouldnt surprise me I can be a bit dah ) only I thought I got mobilitiy and care because of the things I cant do. Never mind which part of my illnesses stops me doing things. Thanks


If you cannot do things that you used to do then you are no longer able so that makes you disabled. Is that logical? It seemed okay in my mind but now I've typed it I'm not so sure. I think I know what I mean!!!