Ooooooh the pain

Who would have thought that going to bed could cause so much pain , when I was ill as a child mum would say stay in bed and rest it was the best remedy, not now it's torture, was only in bed two hours and couldn't bear it any longer, I sometimes think I must have been evil in a past life to have been delt such an unforgiven illness as fibro in this one, x

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  • morning down247 I know just how you feel. Wondering when nightmare will end [excuse the pun] I do take narcotic medicine which helps with numbing my head feeling the pain. [morphine codeine]. But I am starting to leave longer between taking it, although it is not easy. But then it will be more effective when I do take it. Hope you will find a way to get some relief love uggycat xx

  • We just plod on don't we, I feel that I'm falling apart at times lol having a full night sleep would be wonderful I don't think that's much to ask ,X

  • I hope you find relief soon. My back isn't happy at the moment.

  • I feel for you it seems that everyday brings on just another ache and pain you dread opening your eyes lol xx

  • Yes I use to love snuggling up and have a lovely deep sleep - but now I hurt, toss and turn, fidget and ache - I get up and read and watch TV and go back to bed then I do it all over again - its a cruel illness - hope you have a good day 😐. neese. xx

  • Hi down247 that's so true most mums say that doesn't make anything better these days as for past life my granddaughter did quiz on Facebook I died in 1858 burnt at the stake for being a witch lol says it all really ☺

  • Haha I must have been on the stake next to you lol X

  • Well you would of been good company my oh said when I told him I'd come back to life lol xx

  • I feel very lucky that I find bed the most comfortable place to be....not that I sleep all the time but it is my nest...Hope you find yours!! x

  • I have problems sleeping too. I also used to sleep really well but now some nights (like last night!) I just can't get comfortable because of the pains in my legs, my hip hurts so it's painful lying on my right side and I have gastric reflux so sometimes even lying down is uncomfortable! I have a v-shaped pillow to prop me up because often the only comfortable position is sitting up - as well as helping with the reflux it takes the pressure off my hip joints. I also listen to audiobooks on my ipod, which often does the trick. You can set a timer so that when you do fall asleep you don't miss the rest of the book.

  • Hi my friend

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that your pain eases soon for you. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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