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Pain clinic

Hi all I was at pain clinic yesterday as my gp wanted us both to get a review of my medication . I have had a lot of spasams lately and can't cope with the pain it's so bad . I told the consultant I can cope with fibro pain I just need help when I get a spasam . He said I am the only patient he has seen on so much medication and there is nothing else he can do for me . He said in 2005 you didn't have crutches or wheelchair I explained I also have spondylitis in my lower back . I left in tears he said sorry for upsetting you . I sat there with my husband for half hour trying to justify my health . I think I would have been better at the vet . I am dreading another spasam just don't know who to turn to for help now . He said what would happen if you stopped medication I said I wouldn't get out of bed he said I think you should try excerise. If I could I would be working, going to gym.,on no medication etc they don't understand how hard it is . Xxxxxx

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That's awful, Suz - I'm so sorry you're having this trouble! I really don't know what to suggest, but it is unfair that you're left in this hopeless situation.

The usual procedure when a patient is on an enormous amount of medication, is to stop everything but the essentials, and work up from there, trying different combinations of pain-killers.

Maybe you could ask your GP to refer you to another consultant, maybe an orthopaedic surgeon or a neurologist. It is not satisfactory to just give up on you, so don't be afraid to insist!

I hope things improve soon!

Moffy x


I'm so sorry you have had such a bad experience, I must say the pain clinic I've been to advocates exercise as the way forward, so I try to keep mobile and that helps unless a spasm kicks in, then I'm unable to mov at all until the meds kick in, hey ho, so much for understanding specialists !!!

One thing you said struck me, and that was that you'd have been better off seeing a vet, actually it's really odd, but vets are actually able to treat people, (I have several vet friends and when a friends mother was ill he was able to administer the needed drugs in the short term), but doctors not able to treat animals, speaks volumes :D :D

I do hope things improve for you and do try to get a referral to someone else who might be more helpful to you,

Foggy x


Thank you both so much I am at my doctor on Friday so will discuss things with him as he is understanding but just doesn't know what to do next . Just need to hope I don't get anymore spasms for a while gentle hugs xxxx


Hi Suz I have muscle spasms in my, Neck that go right over my head , face my hands go completely curled up and cramp is so painful,I also have spasms in my lower back and tummy muscles. When sitting doing nothing both my legs will cramp and spasm. and also when asleep I stretch and my back and legs will be so bad the pain wakes me up, I scream for help and it takes ages to go off!

My reason for telling you all this is my Dr thinks my body salts and minerals are out of balance , so he has done a blood test. Maybe you need yours checking. Mine got worse on my water tablets, plus we don't absorb minerals so good with fatigue.

Hope you get some help1 :-)

Gentle hugs (((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ;-) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Rainbow x


I hope the spasms ease for you they are really not good are they. It's awful when we feel we have to justify our pain and how we feel to a consultant who just doesn't seem to understand.

Glad you have an understanding GP.

My GP is fairly understanding but recently didn't seem to be understanding my pain and asked if I could try manage without some of my medication at a time when I was having a really bad flare! My consultant said he would prefer I take what meds I need to keep me active and able to do some exercise to keep the muscles, tendons and ligaments from tightening and getting too stiff.

I hope your GP can help and you are feeling a little better soon and free from spasms xx


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