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Pain Clinic


Today I recieved my letter with an appointment date for the Pain Clinic in 2 weeks time.

Hopefully after this my Doc will be able to prescribe me with the right meds as he thinks Fibro is a very complex illness & as a GP finds it hard to prescribe the right pain relief as some meds cause other added problems.

Also that horrible Locum Doc can run n jump of a cliff after the way he treated me lol. I will tell the Consultant I see what he said to me. Yoga, swimming & jogging will take my mind of the pain & I will feel fine. Maybe if I were'nt in so much pain I would love to be able to do these activities. I used to walk everywhere, now walkin up the street my legs feel like they are gonna go beneath me & my lower back aches so much. The worst is hip pain & niw new electric type shocks from my feet up to just above my kneecaps, then the burning sensation. Somedays its so hard & I think I cant bare to go on like this.

I try to humor myself by thinking I must have been a bad girl in my past life lol. If so, I hope I enjoyed it cause I sure as hell am makin up for it now.

Luv & hugs to you all.


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hello jusjac I hope it all goes well for you I am waiting to hear my gp said there is long waiting list how long did you have to wait ? take care love beth xx


Hi Beth

I've been waiting 6 months. I live in Northern Ireland but its probably the same everywhere the way the Health Service is.

Hope you dont have to wait just as long.

Luv & hugs

Jackie xx


I got an appointment a few years ago I went and that is how I found out I had fibro. She gave me a tenns machine told me I had to use it for at least 20 mins a day. So that sounds like a good idea until I got home and found not only could I not reach to stick them on but when I did get them on ( I had help from a friend ) they fell off because my skin is so dry. Anyway I have not been back cos she told me there is nothing they can do for it anyway. I hope you have better luck than I did and if you find out anything useful please let us know.

Good luck from Sarah.


Hi, I had TENS but it increased my pain. When I went back was told by doctor this can happen. Would've been nice to have warned me. Hope you are ok x


Oh Sarah thats awful. I do have a Tens machine but it does'nt help really! It cant cover all of the pain or take away the fatigue & insomnia!!

I will put up a post after I've been & let you know how I get on.

The Orthopaedic Doc who diagnosed me with Fibro thought I would benefit from a steroid injection to my hip. It is an Anaethist Doc I am seeing. Fingers crossed.

Luv n hugs

Jackie xx


Hi, I'm seeing rhumotalgist injection department on Friday not sure what they will offer. Hope it goes well for you, anything for a pain free couple of hours. Goodluck x


Thank you & good lucl too. Please come back & let us know how you got on.

Luv Jackie xx


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