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I'm new here

I've not been diagnosed with fibromyalgia but everything seems to point to me having it. I have epilepsy and had a massive seizure last week and am still recovering, but I struggle each and every day with pain and mobility no one seems to want to listen to my concerns the doc is always in a rush when I see him and they just shove depression meds onto me which I refuse to take.

What should I do I feel lost and alone any advice welcome and ty

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Hi there

Welcome to the forum :) Unfortunately the road to getting a diagnosis can be a very long road as lots of other illnesses need to be eliminated first.

It does sound as though you have a very disinterested GP which will not be helping.

Have a look at our mother site. You will find a list of common symptoms with Fibromyalgia on there

Is it possible for you to change your GP or see a different GP at your surgery? With Fibromyalgia it is really important to have the most supportive GP that you can find.

Please could I ask what antidepressants you have been prescribed? When we are in pain we can become depressed without really realising. There is an antidepressant that helps with low mood, pain and sleep.

What is your sleep pattern like?

We are not medical professionals on the forum, so cannot diagnose you, but we can do our best to point you in the right direction.

Sometimes we do need to take antidepressants just to keep our spirits up. There is no taboo over taking these medications. If we were diabetic we would need insulin. It is much the same thing.

I very much hope that you enjoy the forum :)

Wishing you less pain and more peace

Lu x



thank you some great advice there, sleep pattern is a bit wrecked atm I'm maybe getting 3-4 hours a night and I was prescribed sertraline which caused more seizures so I have been taken off it and waiting to be assessed again. I think they want me to take prozac I'm not keen. I have looked into changing my doctor and that is in process.

Thanks for the link I will look into that

I am enjoying the forum, I don't always post in forums but I am here reading and learning.

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Hi again

There is an antidepressant called Amitryptyline. It also helps with pain and sleep as well as low mood.

It is the first medication that Rheumatologists prescribe when diagnosing Fibromyalgia as a general rule.

It may be worth discussing it with your GP? It is low on side effects which is an added bonus.

A few of the pain meds that are prescribed for Fibro happen to be anti epilepsy drugs so I don't know if you are already taking any of them?

Please let us know how you get on.

Wishing you much peace

Lu xx

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Just like to say welcome you have been given good advice by BlueMermaid3. Unfortunately antidepressants don't seem to suit me as everyone I have tried has given me very bad side effects but many on here have found they have lifted their mood and also helped with pain and insomnia. Do try to change your GP if it is at all possible. Look forward to your future posts.x


Hello and welcome to what is a great and supportive community, where you can get information, advice and have a bit of fun too.

I am sorry you are not getting the help you deserve. If it is not possible to see a different GP within the Practice, then it may be worth booking a double appointment so you are not so rushed. It is also worth printing out some information about fibro and asking your doctor, (very politely!) if this is what they think you may have?

Some kind of antidepressant may be useful. I take amitriptyline at night which helps me to have a better night's sleep. It could be worth trying something and if it doesn't work or makes you feel worse at least you know you have given it a go.

There is always someone about here, even in the early hours so you are not alone. We look forward to seeing more of your posts.

Take care.

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Hi abra_cadabra

Welcoem to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I am so genuinely sorry to read of this and if it is possible I would make an appointment to see a different doctor at your surgery? You could always go to your nearest walk in centre and ask for treatment? They can also offer you referrals to hospital departments.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Usually we need to be referred to a rheumatologist to get a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Is your GP not even prepared to refer you if he/she is unwilling to listen? Can you ask for a referral?

Of course you're depressed if you don't feel well and don't feel your GP is interested in helping you. For some reason GP's will hand out antidepressants and yet are reluctant to look further into our reasons for consulting them.


Hi welcome, sorry to hear about everything happing to you. Some antidepressants work for epilepsy, quit a few. And also for depression.


Thank you everyone for taking time out to give me some valued advice much appreciated, I am waiting to see my doc and I'm on the list for another assessment


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