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I just wanted to say a huge thank you, for all your replies about my new tens machine. I had my mental health assessment this morning, and the lady was so nice. I ended up crying quite a lot, when bringing up old things in my past, and of course my ill health issues. I have been given lots of numbers to call for support, groups and one to one counselling. Just taken some pain relief, as my head is hurting, and body feels fatigued.

Hope everyone is having, a good as day as possible? Big gentle hugs to you all! Tracy xxx

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I truly hope you find the right help for you.


That is fantastic. As my OH knows the assessments can be quite gruelling as it can rake up events from the past that the subconscious can try to hide and which are actually making us ill. He is going to start his counselling sessions next week and I hope both of you find them helpful. He is always absolutely exhausted afterwards but has now realised it is the only way to go as medication has only has a limited effect. Take care of yourself.x


Hi Rosewine. What counselling is your OH getting? Did you have to arrange it all yourselves? I was told, basically that if I want the help, then I have to arrange it myself. Fair enough, but this stresses me more! Plus you have to give a donation for the session. I am currently waiting to hear about my ESA decision, and money is tight. I will feel guilty just giving a few pounds, as they do a wonderful job. Sorry to ramble! Just in a bit of a panic tbh.

Tracy xxx

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Oh what a nightmare somehow got locked out of Health unlocked! My hubby had all his referrals through the NHS. It has been a long and rocky road since he had a couple plate breakdown about 7 years back. Tried just meds at first but difficult as he is Epileptic so many won't mix with his meds. He was seeing someone about every 2/3 months but each time they would say "I will see you next time" and the next time it would be someone different no continuity.

Eventually got 6 weeks of one to one counselling and I could see an improvement, then downhill again. He then got group therapy for 6 weeks again a bit of an upturn then downhill. Then major family problems and bereavements and downhill. He has now been going through a process of referrals and assessments for over a year now and at last an appt. to hopefully start 6 whole months of weekly sessions. No he hasn't had to pay but I was so desperate a bit back to get him help I was considering paying.

Have you had a look under NHS Choices under Anxiety and depression - Can I get free therapy and counselling - and it outlines different help do hope this is of value to you. Good luck.x

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So sorry to hear about your OH, and his battle to get help. I was told today, that the NHS does not refer to counselling anymore, due to privatisation. That shocked me tbh. I will definitely look under NHS choices for any help I can find. It all seems a bit hit and miss really. Thankyou for replying, and giving me some great info.

Tracy xxx


Hi my friend

That sounds absolutely wonderful, and I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with these. Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hello Cloudgirl41

Do you mind me asking whether you were put in touch with an organisation called MIND?

If not, I would strongly suggest that you get in touch with them.

You can get one to one counselling (talking with a project worker) for free.

You can also get counselling from a qualified counsellor free, although you do have to go on a waiting list for that.

The hardest thing is the first phone call. After that I think you will find the organisation extremely helpful.

I will pop back and give you a link for their website **

Wishing you less pain and more peace

Lu x


** Here is the link I promised you:

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Thank you for your help and kind words Lu. I will definitely use the link to search the Mind website. Without your help, I would never have known about it. I am so ready to talk about everything that is spinning around in my head. I need help to find myself again.

Tracy xxx

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Hi Tracy

I have used MIND myself, so am personally recommending them.

By making the first phone call being hard, I meant from a point of view of saying out loud you need help.

However, as you are ready to talk to someone perhaps that call won't be too hard.

I have to be honest and say that I didn't like my project worker immediately but I gave it a few sessions and now, 2 years down the line I think she's great.

I also saw a qualified counsellor too. I can't remember how many sessions I had with her now, but she was amazing.

I would love to hear how you get on.

Wishing you much peace in your life

Lu xx

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