urgent intervention required..SOS situation. Iam new here,believe that i have found out magic website. Condition deteriorating fast.pls help

Since last 25 years ( Present age 41 Years) I had metal allergy specially to Iron. I also sweat extremely. I am from India where there is Hot and humid conditions, but compared to any fellow citizen , I sweat too much. Off late My sweating has become uncontrollable.. So much that rashes over Eyelids and at neck hairline are also regularly happening. The neck rash is keloid type.. My face, specially forehead and Neck , armpit and groin area especially the underbelly area to sweats too much. Off late due to itching of scrotum I applied White vinegar and then after rinsing off with water and then applying Caladryll Lotion, I got some relief.. For my neck rashes I used Retin A cream after which the keloid like substances are slowing responding to it though newer one though few are also coming up . rEcently I had taken Diflucon 150 single dose after my wife got some Vaginal and urine infection. After that today I sweated excessively and so much that I was in one stage , unable to open my eyes and the salty sweats were coming to my eye. ( Just after taking Diflucon the day before yesterday , in the last 24 hours i have also developed 10-12 itchy red small spot like rashes in my lower limb , on the back side of my knee and on my upper thigh ) , and I sweated profusely today, especdially when I was standing a public transport. My fellow passengers were also having sweats but not like me... Dr can u please help ? what is the remedy.. Oh one thing I have only Single Sex partner, ( she has HSV 1 as she gets fever blisters ) my wife throughout my Life , and immediate family doesnt' have a history of excessive sweating . Dr , can you help please?

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  • no one here is a doctor sandycb you need to go to your regular doctor where you live. we are just a group of people suffering from fibromyalgia who support each other. please make yourself an appointment with a doctor asap. there are no doctors or nurses on this forum.

  • Hi sandycb

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and as woopcushen says none of us on here are doctors my friend. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please see your own doctor.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I get that too since I've been perimenensal but as you a guy it's not that. There is a name for excess sweating...check the Internet for the name then ask your doc if you could have that and tests done

  • Hyperhidrosis - unfortunately I've had it since I was 14.

  • Sorry i cant help with a way to stop sweating but i do use Sudacrem for my sweat rashes.

  • Hello there- can I ask you if you had this condition when you lived in India? Has your g.p not suggested a tropical medicine referral or a dermatologist for the reactions? I wouldn,t keep using anything other than that a doctor prescribes and one medicine can cause another medicine to react. Insist on a referral at least to a dermatologist that will open the door at hospital for you to be forwarded to the right medic for investigations. Good luck our friend you are obviously suffering.

  • I'm sorry to hear of your problem. I wish I could help more but the only thing I know of is a powder that will keep you dry better than any other. It's better than anything, even prescription, that my dermatologist has recommended when I have painful rashes. It allows my rashes to heal. The name is Caldesene protecting powder and it comes in a pink 5 oz. canister and is often with the baby section products. I get it at Walgreen's drug store in the US. Hopefully you can find it in a Walgreen's, Sam's or Walmart or other store near you. I wish you all the best in coping with this problem.

  • I agree I use that power to I get it in ireland every time I'm home or family bring me some over u can get it on Amazon but much more expensive than what I pay

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