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A Howdy from Dee (cookie72)


I know that many of us have been wondering where our friendly fibromite Dee had gotten to ?

I have a message to pass on from her, she hasn't been very well of late but would like you all to know that she is on the road to recovery and misses you all and the chatters, natters, and occassional nonsense :D :D :D

Her eyes are bad with cataracts so reading etc is difficult and too much strain on them but she has surgery tomorrow on one eye tomorrow and the other soon after and is looking forward to coming back in a few weeks time.

she misses talking to you but will see you soon

Hugs for all with handfulls of sunshine from Dee (cookie72)

:) xxxsianxxx :)

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Oh Sian I am so pleased about that. I miss having Dee around and have been worried about her.

sending lots of hugs Dee xxx

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Hi Sue it is a relief isn't it to know someone is safe :)

{{{{ Sue }}}} fluffie hugs

xxx sian

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Thank you so much for passing this on to us, as I know many of us were worried about Dee. Please give her my love and best wishes for her operation!

Thank you

Ken x


Whoop whoop!! I'm soohh happy to hear this news!!....:-D

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Oh poor Dee!! Please pass on my best regards and I hope she feels a lot better soon...bless her!!! XXX

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