Getting some exercise

This morning I cut a hedge! Just a baby one. My whole body is buzzing and it feels good. I don't expect that will last but it really used little more energy than pushing the walker 200 yds. Sometimes I just have to break out and do something I want to do and accept the consequences.

Making very slow progress, not helped by my OH being irritable and snippy with me because he would rather be sailing. I understand how he feels but walking on eggshells is not the activity I need.

Gentle hugs everyone xx

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  • Hi my friend

    I'm sorry but I did have a little chuckle about your idea of walking on eggshells being an activity ☺

    I completely understand the feeling of wanting to break free though.

    Wishing you much peace

    Lu xx

  • Hi.

    "Yes Yes Yes" every bit we do now a days is like climbing a mountain.

    Here I am doing the front garden, I'm "melting" away though.

    I have to break tasks down & have a break in between.

    I know that I will pay "big time" for it tomorrow.

    But hopefully looking at the "garden" will counteract that.


  • Steve if you,re melting because you,ve got sunshine could you waft a bit over to North west as we have had naff all most of the summer!! Cheers..

  • Hi.

    "Opps" I spoke to soon we have got your weather now.

    Yes the summer has been Rubbish as usual.

    We haven't had a good summer for "ages & ages"


  • last year and year before.... major heatwaves and long long summers, its just the usual wet summer following a mild winter. nothing to do with global warming ;)

  • Hi my friend

    I simply love my garden and gardening and I know exactly where you are coming from. I was planting some autumn / winter bedding plants the other day and when I had finished I needed my tri-walker to help me get up off the ground. I could hardly walk when I set off back toward the house. Luckily there were people to help me along my journey, as it felt like a marathon walking just a few yards!

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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