Pain UK epetition - Please sign !

The Pain UK Champion for 2013 Jean Gaffin has created this petition, it aims to trigger a parliamentary debate to prioritise pain in the NHS.

Together we could make a difference and move pain up the health agenda .

Please sign and get friends and relatives to sign too, why not share, tweet and circulate this epetition. It needs ten thousand signatures!

Jean's "Championship pledge" asks for pain to be discussed, measured, treated and recorded at every appropriate patient contact. She has been working on this over the year attempting to raise the profile of pain within the Health and Care system.

Please support :)

Many Thanks in advance

Emma :)

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  • Done by me and hubby.



  • done and added to face book

  • how do I share on FB gins?? XX

  • Signed and shared :)

  • All done & dusted.

    GJ. xx

  • signed & shared

  • Done (It said 720 signatures when I finished).

    Many thanks for this.

    Ken xxx

  • That's good Ken as it was 650 when I signed, good going guys !

  • All signed up--recorded 726 signatures to date

  • Great ! Let's get these signatures up and get chronic pain prioritised in the NHS ! Thank You Jo-lyn :)

  • No problem at all, happy to assist and put my name to a real good cause--good luck. John.

  • Done, Thanks :)

  • done

  • Done

  • Done. Thanks, Emma.

  • Thank You Mimiwen :), we're doing well. Keep em' coming ! :)

  • Done, thanks.

  • Done xx

  • signed

  • Thank You all who have signed and shared so far ! Great work guys! :)

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • I wondered if anyone is a member of the site Pain Concern on HU, it may be worth private messaging the Admin there to see if they would post on their community too ! ? ! ? ! Can anyone please do this if you are a member? Thanks :)

  • Done 964th e-sig on petition.

  • Great Thank You , it's creeping up. Please keep sharing and encouraging people to sign :)

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