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A random boost ?

Hi everyone. After a very difficult year of health with a flare up from stress I have suddenly felt a boost of energy after drinking a small glass of Guinness twice a week which led me to taking an iron tablet every other day . My doctor thinks it's from the sun because my bit D is up but I think it's really strange . Not wanting to suggest everyone starts drinking ! Any thoughts on this? Don't even think my iron was ever tested . Also the pain has become more manageable .

Take care everyone hoping I continue to feel like this!!!

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Hi I don't any idea on that as I don't drink .I hope it does help .If your only drinking that much it can't hurt you or I wouldn't think so.Ive heard a glass of wine in tha afternoon is actually good for you. Good luck!! Peck.🐀.


They used to give women a glass of stout in hospital years ago. I think it was lack of iron in pregnancy but I can't remember exactly why to be honest. I'm sure someone will know the answer! There may well be something in the Guinness. But! If it is making you feel better, then enjoy πŸ˜€πŸΈ


You're right sorebones, I forgot about my gran telling me that. They also used to get a poker red hot in the fire and plunge it into some stout she said. I think it was to get some extra iron, but I read years later that it didn't really work as the iron wasn't in a soluable form, so wouldn't have been absorbed. I guess the stout did the good then!



Hello Sunsh1ne - I dont think that a small glass of Guinnes twice a week is classed as 'drinking' - more like a tonic. It is full of iron and vit D is always needed. If you enjoy sunbathing do it and in the winter take a supplement. Glad to hear your pain level is now manageable. Expect the flare-ups they can happen whatever you do. Enjoy the easier times they are special. Have a lovely day. X Helen


Hi, there me and my hairdresser was just talking yesterday about the goodness you get from drinking Guinness and stout lol . Her and her family had just had aweekend in Ireland.

It is known for boosting iron levels which in turn can obviously help boost energy levels.

My mum gave birth to 9 kids !! I remember her been prescribed this kind of drink to help restore her loss of iron due to blood loss. Also she had to eat plenty of liver preferably raw. Whichshe never managed.

So a glass of stout a day may just help keep the doctor away. At least we know this is one tried and tested medication. Some of the old ways are the best ways imo. As long as it makes you feel better thats all that counts. What times happy hour ill be round lol (wink) xx



Stout is an old well known tonic/pick me up, when my Dad had TB in the 50's after he came home from months in hospital he was given a small glass a day to build him up , I can't see it would harm anyway it's just the taste for me 😟

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Hi Sunsh1ne

I think that sounds brilliant and I sincerely hope that it continues to work for you my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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