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Rainy days

School Hols and rain?

What to do?

I have the Belarussian boys with me and it poured down today.

So they made their own pizzas for dinner. Bought base in supermarket. Squirty tomato puree for them to deal with which they had to spread out to thin film. Grate block cheese and sprinkle on tomato. The topping was ham cut into strips by boys. They made one each but only cooked one . Other one in freezer!

Needless to say boys ate all the pizza!

Next rainy afternoon it will be scones or rock bun making!

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That's a good idea 👍😊 I'm sure they enjoyed making them and eating them too!

Happy memories 🍕😊

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CORR! I love homemade pizza! Not had one in along time. I am jealous about all of the rain also, as I want some for my carnivorous plants (cannot give them tap water). I am running a little low on supplies of it. We keep getting it overcast here in Derby but no rain? Please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


PS. I will be around for a rock bun they are one of my favourites!


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