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Do doctors actually hear what we say?

I changed my GP in the hope of getting some support with my arthritis and fibro. After explaining all my symptoms to him he decided he wanted a diabetes test.

It came back negative. So now he doesn't want to see me until next July for another blood test.

Yes I am overweight but this idiot telling me to exercise more really doesn't help.

I want to get back to the three mile a day walk that I used to have before this. But they seem incapable of taking that on board.

The impression I got was that because I was negative on diabetes they wouldn't get the £55 bonus from the government so I could go away and not bother them.

How do I get heard?

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I am assuming you are on medication for fibro, this merits being seen on a regular basis and you must insist on this. Lou xx


No medication because every pain killer tried so far has made my IBS worse.


Hi lukibird, I know what you mean about doctors not listening. I was told by one to go out for a daily walk, even if I felt too ill to go. He said he knew what it was like to exercise even when you didn't feel like it - he was forcing himself to go out for a bike ride every evening even when he was not wanting too as he was in training for a competitive event. Listening to him go on about how if he could do it, then anyone could made me realise he just didn't have a clue about me and my fibro.

Luckily, I met someone who knew what it is like to want to keep mobile and do as much exercise as I am able and now go to a weekly tai chi class run by a father of a fibro sufferer and he DOES know and understand mobility problems - he's always telling us to sit down to do the exercises if needed, to only go as far we can without causing ourselves pain.

I have ibs as well as arthritis and the fibro, and have been told by my gastro consultant to double up on my Lansoprazole when I get an ibs flare up. This of course means that I need to put in my repeat prescription before it's due date. It only took a couple of times for me to tell my GP that I was advised to increase it - only to be told by him that I am on the highest dose & it can't be increased - for me to repeat what my gastro cons told me - for the message to get across and for me to be allowed to have my prescriptions early. I think perseverance pays off where doctors are concerned.

Definitely don't wait till July till you go back. Make an appointment for as soon as possible. Just be polite, but be determined. You need someone to listen to you. You need something to help your pain and control your ibs, and you need it now.

Gentle Hugs and Good Luck, Julie.


Hi Lukibird

I am so sorry to read of this, and I would not go and see that particular GP again! I was wondering if there was another GP at your surgery who may be a bit more understanding?

I want to wish you all the best of luck.

Take care

Ken x


Hi. i have been going to my doctor on and off since last December. My doctor has come up with excuses for why i have all the symptoms that I told him about. First of all it was my thyroid next he said it was anxiety, now he has told me I am almost anaemic and has put me on iron pills. He has also tested me for diabetes and as i could have told him the test was negative. I feel like screaming at him but he seems unwilling to tell me it is ME.


I have waited 8 years to be diagnosed with Fibro. This finally happened on Monday last. I went to see yet another GP asking to see a Rheumatologist, who finally diagnosed me. Look for a younger GP who will have learnt more about it, hopefully. What symptoms caused him to test for diabetes, if you don't mind my asking?


He tested for diabetes because I am overweight and was borderline with gestational diabetes.

But the cynical voice in my head says it was because of the bonuses from the government for diabetes diagnosis.


Keep going back - squeaky wheel gets the oil...


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