So after writing a long list of my symptoms I went to Docs on Thursday. Because I've been having a painful sleepless time the doc said I'm very emotional and depressed. I haven't been diagnosed with fibro and at present have only had blood tests (2 years)) apart). Everything came back clear. I told doc I'm not depressed I just need some quality sleep and that helps my symptoms. She said what do I think I've got and I said I'm almost certain I've got fibromyalgia. As my cpr levels are really good she said no I haven't. I was told doc does believe me when I say I've got lots of symptoms, 20+ of them, so I came out with amitriptyline and told to continue with paracetamol and ibuprofen. So I'm no further forward and feel a bit let down. I know my triggers and what helps so looks like it's carry on and just try and get on with it. Hopefully the amitriptyline will help me sleep and have a knock on affect to no less pain, burning skin, headaches, neck ache, back ache etc etc etc. Hope you're all well lovely people.

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  • Morning, I think you should insist on seeing a rhumitologist if you think you have fibro.

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  • Sorry to hear this I would change doctor love and ask to see a rheumatologist dont think there a,blood test for fibromyaliga I had a rubbish gp told me 14 years ago I had fibromyaliga now my new gp sent me for mri and refers me to see a,specialist don't give up love and hugs jill xxx

  • You definitely need to see a rheumatologist love. I was similar to you go to the docters couldn't understand why I had pain. But my nice gp didn't tell me I had fibro just gave me meds and siad try that. After a few years pain was getting worse I when back to see him its siad its your fibro. I was like whats that. Any why I had been diagnosed for 2 year but with out knowing I demanded to see a rheumatologist for a real diagnosis. I got this in the end it's not made much difference but they can help you with pain management. And other medication I was given duloxetine not helping much but will see also the diagnosis helps me with my job.

  • Definitely need to change doctor & if you cant do that, insist that you want to be refered to the rheumatologist. It is your right to get the opinion of a specialist and your doctor is not a specialist in Fibro or he would have refered you straight away with your symptoms.

    Blood tests don't always necessarily show up certain things and has to be tested for specific things. You should ask for print out of blood tests yourself and look for what they were testing for and what the results were.

    Doctors are very good at diagnosing depression rather than investigating the reason for depression, which in my opinion, in a lot of cases is brought on by chronic pain and knowing there is something not right but no one is listening and it all becomes a bit frightening. It is the unknown and we have to know what's wrong & when we don't know it sends a million things through our minds of every medical desease in history.

    Amitriptyline I find very good & they definitely help, although they don't agree with everyone. They do take a bit of getting used to. I think I sleep my life away for a year when I first took them but it does settle down. They also help with the pain because they relax your muscles.

    You will have to see how they work for you & if they don't help pain, go back .

    Try not to be to stressed about it all honey because it will make you feel worse.

    It is a long process depending mainly I think on your doctor so my advise would be to try changing. Ask the receptionist if there is a doctor in the practice that has any other patients with Fibro as would be more appropriate to see them. Worth a try ☺

    Luv Jan x

  • Sorry you feel you are not being treated properly as this can be so frustrating.Try it the gp's way.. when that doesn't work maybe things will change.I wish you the best. Peck.🐤

  • Hopefully your gp!!Peck.🐤

  • Your cpr levels wouldn't diagnose fibro as it doesn't show Inflammation in the blood, so don't know what he means by that, saying that if he did diagnose fibro he'd probably give you the amitriptyline anyway. I would definitely ask for a referral to see a rheumatologist who specialises in rheumatic diseases, you might have to wait a long time unless you can go private but at least you'll know what you are dealing with then, good luck

  • Hi Nooo

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that you can get some answers soon, and a diagnosis one way or the other! I can imagine that the Amitriptyline are for two purposes as they work as a neural inhibitor to reduce pain and they also contain a sedative to help you sleep. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I agree with many members- insist on seeing a Rheumatologist! If your g.p won,t send you go in the "back door" and book a private cons-yes it will costs you but you will get answers, once you,ve been seen you will go back to NHS care.A good physio will help too.. Try a soak in a local Jacuzzi especially later in the day in the hope it helps you relax, a lot of pain is caused by it taking over our mind in other words try to stop thinking about it otherwise it will take over you life, take control of some of the pain yourself not always by a pill pot but some therapies, buy yourself a TENS machine and use it daily,Get that apt a.s.a.p

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