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Pip trouble

Hi guys I hope you are all doing as well as you can so here we go.

About three weeks ago was supposed to have a pip assessment in my home at 9 in the morning but no one turned up so I ring them to be told it's now cancelled and to wait for another appointment.

The letter came yesterday not a home visit this time in a center at 8:10 in the morning.

I ring them again to tell them that I have a letter from my neurologist saying because of the severity of my epilepsy none controlled fit's I would have to have home visits.

I now have to send them a copy of the letter and ring them yet again to make an appointment for a home visit as they could not make an appointment for me until Thursday because they were not sure if I could make an appointment now.

This is not very helpful for me the appointment at the centre as now been cancelled why should I have to ring them all the time that is not on I'm fuming now.

I will of course let you know of the outcome of this.


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I seem to be having a similar patch with arranging a home visit by Social Services. I keep ringing them, leaving messages, speaking to people and being reassured they will call within 24 hours, and nothing is getting done. It's been two weeks now, called the original number and the voice mail is full. Called a different number I found and they reassure me that someone will contact me, but they aren't. I called the number on the vaguely rude letter they sent me saying they couldn't contact me (they chose not to leave a message as I couldn't reach the phone in time), only to get a recorded message fro someone who barely spoke English. To the point I had to call the number back again, just to make sure I was speaking to a recorded message at Social Services as I couldn't even tell where he said it was.

Still no one are contacting me. It feels like sometimes you fall into a hidden trap and you don't know how you climb out of it?



They don't make things easy do they?

I had a similar experience last year.I was given an appt at a centre miles away.I rang and they arranged a home visit for me. Date and time to suit their convenience.I was all worked up about it anyway and got ready for it( getting medicine lists,letters from my numerous consultants together etc).

An hour had passed from the arranged time and no sign of anyone.I rang the centre,they said they would make enquiries to find out what was happening and ring me back.Nearly an hour later they rang back to say they couldn't contact assessor on his mobile phone but as it was getting late they said they would cancel it and I would have to ring back to rearrange the appt.

Well I went off like a bottle of pop! I was so angry.I reminded the woman that the appt had been arranged at their convenience,and nobody had the decency to ring to advise they would be late etc.I really let them have it.Probably not the wisest thing to do in retrospect but it got it off my chest.

She rearranged the appt for me for 2 days later.Apparently the last assessor had overrun his appt with his previous client and so couldn't fit me in.The new assessor turned up on time 2 days later and apologised for the previous botched appointment and agreed it was not acceptable.He was in fact a very nice gentleman,.

I hope you can get the second appt rearranged to a home visit to make things easier for you,and also at a more realistic time.8.10 am is a bit ridiculous given the conditions we have.If the copy of the neurologists letter will help this then send it.They can't ignore specialist advice.

Good luck on your appointment,and I hope it goes well for you.

I will keep my fingers crossed ( or at least I would if I could cross them)




The day before she was admitted to hospital with a stroke my friend received a letter with her ESA renewal assessment date for later this month. It took me a couple of days to persuade her to let me cancel it (she was previously adamant that in spite of what the Doc said she would be home in by then.)

I phoned the Assessment Centre like it said in the letter and explained that she'd had a stroke, was in hospital and that her recovery was likely to be at least 6 months. The woman on the other end said that they can't make appointments that far away but will re-arrange one and in the meantime could I ask the Ward Doctor to send a letter to confirm where she was etc. Two or three days later I get to her flat to make sure everything ok and there was the confirmation letter - when we opened it the new date of the assessment was for 24 June only 10 days later than the last one!

Yesterday she received a text message from the DWP which she forwarded to me to read as her eyesight is all blurry which said that she was in the Support Group and her money would continue to be paid so we assume that they got the letter from the Doc. I'll check at her flat tomorrow and if nothing from assessment centre I will phone them to make doubly sure that the assessment has been cancelled indefinitely.


Hi bobajob

I am so genuinely sorry to read this, and I can imagine that you are really cheesed off with them! I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with the assessment (when you do get one), and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Hi Ken,thank you for your reply yes I'm getting very angry about this.

I hope I will have the assessment on the 1st of July and that will be the end of it because it's been going on for a while now.

I will of course keep you posted on the outcome.



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