Can,t believe how quick this has been since my assessment, I got a letter today from DWP saying award will be £55 per week, doesn,t sound like a lot but its better than nothing. I havn,t got the energy to contest this and I hope by not doing so many of you will go up the queue to get your assessment done quicker. I,m also getting ESA and soon my NHS pension will appear, my income will be around the same as when I worked after 1st June so I am not complaining. My offer stands to help anyone struggling to be heard. Have a good bank hol.. with best wishes from Nurse Gladys Emanuel (open all hours)

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  • well donr

  • Good to hear this. Im waiting for the result from my PIP assessment. Hopefully the DWP are recognising fibro as a confition that qualifies for support.

    Well done.

  • Fibro is a recognised condition. Awards aren't made on a diagnosis of a condition, they are made on how your condition affects you.

  • yes you are so right, my first attempt for retirement and benefits went up in smoke as the paperwork didn,t explain how it affects me daily. I then went to task on putting a word document together leaving no stone unturned it came together. The PIP assessment was very polite and a qualified practitioner did it not a tick box person!

  • Congratulations.

  • Congratulations! !! I'm very happy for you. It took me 5 years to get my disability and I remember getting the letter of approval. Celebrate! !🍹🍹

  • Oh that's brilliant Caz well done you. I'm so pleased you have been awarded the PIP as you say at least it's better that nothing and can't be sniffed at my friend ☺☺☺

    Luv Jan xx

  • Wonderful news. As you will be no worse off I think you have made a wise decision not to contest the decision as unfortunately we know new eyes on it can sometimes have the opposite effect than what we hoped for. Thank you for offering to help others.x

  • Well done!

  • I am so pleased for you. Must be such a relief.

    I'm still waiting to hear news about my applicationfor ill health retirement from NHS.

    I sent the application off September just gone, I phoned in January to get some info, I was told they'd received the application. However, nothing since. Not sure whether no news is good news.

    I'mnot sure if I should chase this up. I'm starting to have difficulty paying my bills.

    Any information/ advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Congratulations again.

  • Hi. I also retired on ill health from NHS last year. My forms were sent off in Aug and 5 weeks later I heard it was approved. My HR dept chased it up for me after 3 weeks so I think you should give them a call as they are supposed to act on your behalf. Best of luck and I hope you hear good news soon. The waiting is tough.

  • I have a Unison rep helping me with work related matters, I think I will call her although sine last mailing I have recievd hol. pay and a P45! maybe its just a slow process. I will call Unison next week if nothing from NHS pensions.. thnks for you advise. from Nurse Gladys Emanuel (open all hours)

  • My Unison rep never even turned up for my meetings despite in his diary! I got my hol pay & p45 after ill health retirement approved. Weird getting pension at age 50. Really miss working but cant.

  • That,s very poor for the premiums we pay unison, I must be lucky at manch royal, they are a good team.

  • Thank you for your reply, I will definitely call them on Tuesday.

  • Yes I would pester them, I found them very unapproachable but I go up the chain of command as I won,t stand being fobbed off. I had to contest mine as initially I was offered £1279 per annum and go back to work- very funny!

  • I thought I'd probably be in for a battle! Pleased you've got yours sorted out now. Thanks for your advice.

  • Hi caz-54

    I am genuinely delighted for you and I am sincerely delighted that your income should be about the same as when you were working. It is wonderful news, well done and thank you for sharing.

    A celebratory quote just for you:

    Nurse Gladys Emmanuel: ''What are your meringues like?

    Arkwright: ''I'm not telling you till after we're married.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken :)

  • Ha Ha yes another weekly rib tickler. love it.. xx

  • x :)

  • I would love some advice, hey congratulations to you 😀

  • what do you need help with? Forms? info on the forms? let me know

  • you should also get a passported benifit severe disablement premium i think its called onto your esa if your in the support group of 61 pounds and this will be added to your pension when you get it check it out . im not sure if you need to apply for pension credit to get it but again phone and find out

  • Not old enough for gov. pension yet nor pension crdits. I have a lady at local Welfare Rights office looking after me but I will ask her about your suggestions many thanks from Nurse Gladys Emanuel (open all hours)

  • So pleased for you! Well done!

  • Congratulations on your award. I had my assessment last week. Waiting patiently now.

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