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High there ladies there is a god I got it standard rate care component with back pay . Well what I

wrote this for is for the people out there hoping like I did they well have the financial help they need cause being disabled isn't just health costing we seem to loose the lives we knew and have to learn to let go and live who we are now. I now how distressing this can be in our relationships with family and friends. I get 54 a week extra and boy most my worries are over now my scooter just keeps costing me so now I can relax a little more. And yes to the therapy pool im hoping it going to be nice. I really hope everyone is coping as well as they can today and don't give up as tiring as it can be sometimes. TY all for your kind words at times too.xx

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  • Really pleased you got something, did you have to go for an assesment? X

  • Hi there ty everyone and Wendy I did got to an interview and we talked about my day how I start it and when I cook or make my sandwiches I just told her how it was and also said that if it was just a couple of items for washing up I didn't use my perching stool just how it was in my day nothing more nothing less. Ladies and gents would just like to add make sure you get your assessments from your local social services for any home needs you may have like a wet room perching stools etc. This helps to support your claim xx

  • p.s. plus you'll need them if you have disabilities

  • Congratulations, one less worry. I'm so pleased for you :)

  • Well done lovely news x

    Many blessings x

  • Absolutely wonderful news I am so pleased for you that extra money will hopefully let you buy things that can help you. Well done.x

  • That is absolutely wonderful news! Well done and congratulations!

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Ty all for your reply's and yes to Wendy I went to the interview we just talked about my day and all that stuff .

  • so pleased to hear your good news well done.xlilian

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