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PIP If awarded do DWP say so on the phone?

I've been trying to get an award since July was refused and was 2 points short of any award I got 6 for care & 4 for mobility..

I'm quite badly affected by fibro, am on 140mcg burprenorphine, but like most of us do, I'm fighting it..

I sent off a mandatory reconsideration with loads of evidence and used lots of online help to challenge, this was end of March..

Anyway I hadn't heard anything and just called them woman at DWP says a decision has been posted to me, I should get it anyday but she doesn't know if I was successful or not!

This doesn't sound sound right to me, what do you all think???

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Hi Hun if you don't get letter by tomorrow phone them again, would hate for you to get lost in the system, went for my pip assessment yesterday the bloke was really nice, but I don't hold out much hope will just have to wait and see now,they said it could take up to 8 weeks take care

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I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with the decision.

All my hopes and dreams for you



sometimes the decisiosn hasnt been scanned onto the system to the contact centre and cannot give you the information, it usually takes 24 hrs so i would call back and they should be able to tell you


She said the decision had been made a few days earlier, tbh she wasn't the friendliest woman, Infact she was quite abrupt in her manner..

I asked but she just said it doesn't show up on her screen.

I only wanted low rate, anything just to help out, this is my 3rd attempt at fighting for DLA/pip..quite frankly, I've had enough of it all.


Hello Ellejm, no this id not right they would be able to see on the screen what was sent out in the letter. You were probably told no as she did not want to get involved in any discussions about the contents, cowardice is about right. Has any one noticed that the phone numbers on some letters do not allow you to speak to anybody at that office, sly little sods, cutting off phone connections so you are in the wilderness.

fingers and toes are crossed for you and the letters contents, ttfn from Karen


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