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PIP Assessment


Hi guys, hope ur all well today.

I have my assessment for PIP on Thursday. I am so worried as dont know what to expect. Has anyone got any advice on this assessment. It's stressing me out.


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Make them aware of your worst days, if you can't walk then tell them. If Your In Pain On the day then show them. Take your walking aid if you need one. Base around a bad day for you as they make decisions on your worst day, but if they see your coping well on a bad day they think you can all of the time. What ever you put in your form then use that as your bible. Take a list of meds and any medical evidence. Good luck


Focus in on the specific difficulties you have and emphasize these, rather than being vague all round, really get to know the form. When questions are asked take time before responding, think about what the questions may be asked and what they may relate to, respond with your difficulties, particularly get your head around the mobility. If you find yourself saying yes, say but and explain difficulties. Really get your message across. Watch out for the trap questions........... Do not get played.........

Read all your medical evidence, make sure you take someone with you. Hope this is helpful, I don't want you to feel more stressed, though this is inevitable. P

Be strong and good luck with Thursday.


All of the above. Just remeber they also look at how you've got there. I didn't know how long it took me to walk from where I was dropped off to wheee the centre was. Just let them know how it affects you. Take a repeat prescription with you for your medication or get one from the pharmacist. All medical evidence that they don't have take with you. I think each experience is different from what Ive heard or seen. Don't get too stressed. Once it's over the relief is overwhelming . I Had mine 2 weeks ago but waiting for my decision. I had loads of additional evidence to give them as I had applied in May last year. Good luck but you'll be fine.

Just popped in to say good luck. Can't advise as i have only undergone ESA assessments. Let us know how you get on.x

All the best, please let us know how you get on. Ive heard mixed stories, so just go and tell them how you are affected on your worse day, its all you can do.

Try not to stress too much.


Emphasise how much your disabilities affect your day to day life.

I want to wish you all thecbest of luck


hi if they ask you do you have any good days. you dont. good luck


Hello Clairejeff,

We, FibroAction can email you out guides relating to PIP which may have information you will find helpful for assessments. If you email info@fibroaction.org Karen our Admin Assistant would be happy to send out to you.

If I find any other information around the internet, I'll post the links.

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

The nurse that done mine at home through Capita lied through her teeth on her report, they watch every move you make and tend to twist what you say, it's common practice, not that it did her any good as the Office Manager on the Pip section told me to make a complaint, after 10 months of waiting changing from Dla to Pip, one assesment, one mandatory reconsideration which they cocked up, one email to my local MP and about 50 calls to Pip i was awared Advanced Rate for Both.

Make sure you don't go on your own take some one with you I had mine a month agai now was so scared I had a lady she was nice just tel them how you are I forgot lots of stuff but my husband did say some think but she told him not to say owt but he did say can I just say some think she sed yes it was about my hand rail cos I did not under stand wot she had sed so tell them if you got a Tolet seat or the think that gose round it or grab rails a stick or zimmer fram any think that help you get around if you got any think in your kitchen to help you cook hope this helps you good luck let us know I got standard pip


Hi clairejeff :)

I found this info on advise.org by 'Citizens advise bureau' regarding the Face-2-Face assessment for PIP


I hope this helps you :)

Wishing you much luck and send supportive healiing fluffies and smiles to you :)

{{{{{{ claire }}}}}}

xxx sian :)

Hi guys, hope ur having a pain free day. Well it's done i've had my PIP assessment and it was fine. The lady was lovely so now i just have to wait for the brown envelope. Thanks for all your advice it was a great help. I just happy it's all over.


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Hi I just got my reply from pip assessment and I'm so upset that I didn't get any points what so ever?? Even after doing the self help test on line ,😔 so sad and pain and fatigue still on going ,so to be so down hearted and hope you get yours but on a more positive note I am asking for a mandatory reconsideration , good luck xx

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