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Need to rant and then feel better!

I have found this site today and I'm so relieved. I'm sat here thinking of all the annoying things about FM (had a total meltdown at GPs today) sorry to mown and complain but these things annoy me -

Being asked to go out and having to consider whether I'll have enough energy.

Being hugged or cuddled by my husband, son and friends and thinking....please get off me because it really really hurts!!

Being pricked by non existent hot needles all the time.

Waking up some mornings and I can't even speak properly

Having such an active mind, full of creativity and I never have the energy to fulfil most of my thoughts

Losing things all the time

Trying to explain how I feel and getting a blank stare back

Having sore fingers

Buzzing sensations, numbness, hot patches, itching and restless legs

I'm 41 and feel like I'm climbing a mountain every single tired day

Aaaaaagggghhhhhh..........that feels better ☺️


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Hi I can empathise with all of that. How long have you been a member of the FM club? I don't mean here. I've restless legs and couldn't cope without Amitriptyline which helps with that. Lyrica also helps but I'm trying to cut that down as I gained so much weight! Raising my legs to reduce swollen feet also allow my thighs to get off the bedding. That and my pyjamas! Used to sleep without, but can't now. If one of the legs rises up I know. I can feel every crease.

Try getting Fibromyalgia for Dummies. It's helped me a lot helping me understand and find ways of explaining. Other people don't understand. Did you before you had it? Once you can get the main people to understand, things could get easier. See if you can have Pain Management too. The clinic I go to advised several helpful things including Mindfulness for Health. Two people wrote it. Her name begins with a V, I forget now. Anyway after all the waffle, it begins to make sense. Meditation DVD comes with it. It's been a big help.

I found I had to grieve for my old life before I could begin to cope. Come on here as much as you need and rant away, but also remember to chat about how things are going. Slowly you should find your chats take over.

There is no cure but it is possible to find a way of living with it. Of coping and even enjoying life again.

Pacing is the key. Do a little then change to something else, using another part of you and never push through the pain. It will come back to bite you!

Soft hugs

P.s. Write down every little ache and pain from head to toe, everything that's hurt, ached, tingled, etc. Unless you are the doctor you cannot know what it linked with what. My doctor was grateful. He said it helped him a lot. Might be an idea.


Hi :) I've been like this for about 5 years. No idea what triggered it. Yes, I have to wear pyjamas as it hurts if my skin pulls against itself. I hate getting up in the morning because I so tired and sore.

I couldn't get on with amitryptyline either. It made me too groggy in the morning. I've been prescribed pregabilin and didn't get on with that either. I take naproxen when I can't cope with the pain and take citalopram for depression. I manage on them but when it really flares up I feel desperate!

I go to pain clinic near have steroid injections in my hip. I got most help from my GP today. He's finding a programme I can attend and also suggested these sites, for support. He said the medical profession are taking it more seriously his so stick with it. It cheered me up a little so fingers crossed.

I will definitely have a look at those books you recommend, thanks.

Rachel X

PS, No I didn't understand FM until I got it myself. I'm ashamed to admit I dismissed it....and I'm a nurse!


So many in medical do dismiss it so don't feel bad about that. Just try to help educate others!


Ok now get out of my head😱😱! You just described me!!! Are you peeping in on me??? 😃😜👍like that one!!


Maybe you are me and I am you!😜


Hi I found this site by accident 18 + ago it's been my life saver , Been told to go home and take total rest by my GP and it's been my life boat ,I honestly think my ship would of sunk without it , I did try to swim alone several months ago ,and thank goodness good friends like foggy here threw me life boat

I don't know what support you are getting from your GP etc

But may I suggest if it hastnt been offered a pain and fatigue clinic , it will help with exceptance,pacing , understanding, meds . And possibly family issues and there understanding ,

Most on here we're really active before this atrocious condition took over ,some have other conditions running along side ,

We all try to support one another here with advise ,comfort ,and laughter which most of us agree is the best medicine..

Bit tired myself tonight sorry if my message is a bit dry , hopefully see you here again

Keep your chin up , if you can try not to stress to much it's the pits I know ,you will have good days ,and you will get some who won't understand but I can promise you we will here .


Chris 😊


Thanks Chris. I have a GP who has been really helpful. I'm going to ask him about the pain and fatigue clinic as I think that will be really helpful.

Hope you have a good day today 😀

Rachel x

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I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. The only real consolation that I can offer you is that everyone here knows how you are feeling. Okay, we all experience our Fibro differently but we all suffer and struggle and then empathise with each other. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Hi Racheal,

Glad you were directed to this site. I had to check it wasn't me who had written the post because your situation is so similar. I'm 41 too. I was diagnosed in January and find I'm still coming to grips with aspects of the diagnoses. I'll second the recommendation for Mindfulness for health it is by a woman who's name begins with a V, I can't remember either and Dr Danny Penman. The audio meditations are good too that come with it.

Hope you keep as well as can be

Annita x


Hi Annita,

It's hard isn't it, when you're told that you have this condition and there is no cure for it. I must admit though, I feel happier already that I'm not the only one and all the strange symptoms are common amongst all of us on here. Makes me feel better. I can accept it more, that it's not just my body being a nuisance 😀😀

I'll have a look at that book. Do you have similar symptoms to me then? I am 41 and feel more like 81 most of the time!!

Lovely to meet you and hope you have a good day



this a great site nice of you to join us where we unerstand the difficulties we have we share the good times and the bad there is always someone here to talk to.x


Thanks, I can't believe how nice everyone is on here and i feel so much better knowing it's not just me going mad!




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