I want to thank all of you that sent me messages. I haven't had time to read them yet. I will be off for awhile as I got a call late last night from my father's doctor. he has ended up back in the hospital and isn't doing so well. i'm on my way to texas [I live in ohio]. I will get back to all of you as soon as I get back. i'm still waiting for my connecting flight so I borrowed a computer so I could let everyone know where I am. thank you again. I hope all of you have a nice weekend with as little pain as possible. jan1022

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  • I hope everything goes well. 

  • All best wishes Jan...x

  • So sorry to hear your news. 

    I do hope that your father is ok. 

    Wishing you much peace

    Lu x

    Volunteer Administrator

  • So sorry to read your post and have a safe journey.  Hope all is better than assumed when you get there.  Do let us know how you are doing when you are free to.x

  • Thinking of you and your family.

    Sending on to you healing warm hugs,

    Elizabeth :) xxxxxx

  • Hi jan1022

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this, and I sincerely hope that your father is okay? Please take care of yourself and I will keep you both in my thoughts.

    All my hopes and dreams for both of you

    Ken x

  • Hope all's well, sending cyber hugs x

  • I hope the news is better when you arrive Jan, I know it's scary when this happens especially as you are so far away.  Thinking about you hugs Linda.  x

  • Jan I just ran across your post.I hope things are better today.Will say a prayer for you and family.Take care, Peck

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