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Hi,I would like some help.... I have been on DLA for a number of years now and I have been sent a pip form instead of my DLA is not due to run out until 2018...I was wondering why the DWP as sent me the pip form.. I have also changed my GP so this makes it harder to fill in... I do have a consultant but she is away on holiday at the moment.... Any advice would be very much appreciated thanks BOB.

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Hi there 

Everyone who is on DLA, even if they've been awarded it for life, are now being reassessed and changed over to PIP. 

I can't stress strongly enough that you should get some professional help filling in your form. 

Get as much written evidence together as you can in the meantime.  If you think you'll need to be given extra time to get your form filled in, you can contact the DWP and ask for an extension of time.

There are lots of charities and other places who will offer you free help. If you Google for a Disability Advocate in your area you should be able to find someone in your area. 

You can also contact Janet, our forum's Benefit Advisor for help. I will pop back and put her details at the end of my message.  

I hope this helps?

Lu x

Volunteer Admistrator 

FMA UK have a dedicated benefit helpline, you can ring Janet, or email her for help, advice and assistance:

FMA UK Welfare Benefits Helpline

Phone: 0844 887 2450

Fax: 0844 826 9033

Link To webpage:

You can send an email from this page:


Hi, thank you for the information I will contact Janet for advice.. I will let you know of the outcome from the DWP.. BOB

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You're very welcome.  Please do let us know how you get on.  Lu x

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Really can't add anymore advice than BlueMermaid3 has giving, But try and get support and help filling in your PIP form, People in your CAB may help too.....

In the meantime I wish you the very best in your application.


Hi, many thanks for your help.. I will let you know of the outcome from the DWP as soon as thanks.. BOB


Hi, the benefitsandwork site is extremely helpful and I don't think I would have got ESA and DLA without interview without this site. Shows you how to actually answer the questions and gives you descriptors and point system.  It's £19.99 for a year and you can use it for ESA, DLA, PIP and appeals, etc.  Worth every single penny. They charge so that they can keep the site running to help everyone.

Good luck




I can add it is worth keeping a diary for a few days to send in with application it is so easy to forget things we find difficult to do or how long things take ,Anything you can think of it does help when completing form .

Good Luck


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Yes unfortunately they are hoping to have phased everyone who is on DLA onto PIP by Autumn 2017.  Others have given you excellent advice so I will just wish you good luck.x

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Hi, thank you all so much for your replies much appreciated.. I will of course let you know of the outcome BOB.

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Hi bobajob

I can see that you have been given some wonderful answers to your question so I will simply sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your PIP application.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi Bob

Its Doreen again.  Unfortunately all those of working age will have to complete a PIP form as everyone of working age is being transferred from DLA to PIP. It may be best if you can get assistance from an Advice Agency (e.g. local C.A.B.) to complete this as it is different from a DLA form & criteria....; Doreen


Hi Doreen, thanks for your reply... I will take all the help with this I can.. I will of course let you know of the outcome thank you Bob.


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