Benefit hope!

For all those out there worrying re medicals etc-a success story!

I have, in the past 4 weeks, been for medicals for both ESA and PIP-they couldn't have timed them better as I've had an atrocious month. Nevertheless, I was honest and rptruthful about my limitations because of this and have been placed in support group for ESA for 2 years and awarded higher rate daily living and lower rate mobility (2 points short of higher). It's not often you hear of a good result so I thought I'd let you know. It means for the next 2 years I can just 'be poorly' without having to worry about trying to get a job to make sure ends meet.

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  • Good pleased so really they are looking after us...ive just been placed in support group too....only last two weeks havent had a letter thou to say how long for...might give them a ringxxc

  • They told me over the phone 2 years but letter doesn't have a date on so I've called them to ask them to send confirmation out xx

  • Thank you for that i will ring them reguards xxx

  • Good for you!! I know that should ease your mind.Take care.Peck ✌

  • Well done. Thank you for a positive post.

  • I got exactly the same result as you last October. I was very shocked. But be aware that they may say two years but can review it after only one and you have to go through the whole thing again. So enjoy it now! :-)

  • I've been reviewed for PIP as originally I was getting standard daily only-I requested the review as my health took a nosedive. But as you say, it can be reviewed at any time-just thought that it proves (if you get a good one) that all atos people aren't against us (it was the same medic as I'd seen 12 month before, I thought I'd be out on my ear). For me, it means for now I can sleep (when I find a comfy spot) without financial worry for a little while xx

  • I am so pleased for you I sent my claim in at the begining of Feb still waiting for the call. I had a text to say they had recieved the form but nothing since. Should I be worried?

  • Mine went in at the end of December and I got a letter first week in March-I think they're taking the full 8-13 weeks they're allowed, shouldn't be long x

  • Wonderful news we need some food stories to keep us all going and give ushipe that there might be light at the end of the tunnel. We all know we would trade any benefit for our health but as you say that gives you a respite from all the stress of battling for benefits. Now relax and concentrate on getting yourself as well as you can. Thank ks for posting x

  • Thank you rosewine, I couldn't have put it better! Money won't buy my health, but it's a stress I can tick off for a little while whilst the doctor and the consultant play around with meds and therapy 😲😲

  • That's good news. I am waiting to hear from them sent forms back in at the end of January, it seems to be a long waiting game !

  • I recieved my pip forms the end of january i sent them back in february and then had my assesment just over a week ago i am dreading the brown envelope i hope i do get it as the last 3 yrs my husband pays for all my things and it would good to be able to get my own stuff that i need to help me.xx

    gentle hugs to everybody x

  • I'm with you there-even a little bit of independence back is a start on the road to getting a little better. Gentle hugs and crossed fingers for you hunni xxx

  • Annette_D

    That is absolutely wonderful news to read, well done.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • So made up for you happy days 

  • So good to hear your good news ☺ I have just sent esa forms back so awaiting a date for assessment. So that's definitely made me feel a bit more positive.


    Jan x

  • Fingers crossed for you xx be honest and remember your BAD days not the one or 2 you feel ok, and the impact it has on your life xxx

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