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had my ESA benefit stopped end of april ,been told I don't qualify for ESA as I been declared fit for work, have a tribunal in place so cant sign on, what am I surposed to live on? job centre says am surposed to still get esa whilst tribunal is in place.

help from anyone please ??

had fibro and me for over 20 yrs had to finish full time work but now am self employed can just manage 8 -10 hrs a week

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you need to go and see cab and get some advice asap its terrible what they are doing to people,i hope you get help soon, thinking of you x


Hello jazzbaby, I agree with munchkin go and see CAB as they are the only people who can help you and advise you as to what you should do. I am appalled with ESA when they say things like that what do they expect you or us to live on, there is no money tree! Why they play with our life's I really don't know, we don't choose to have Fibro or any other illness. Let me know how you get on I will be thinking of you. Hugs to you, love Aisha.....x


Hi jazzbaby esa have to pay you £71.00 per week until you go tribunel thats what they had to do with me it took me a year to get to tribunel so go to job centre and use their telephone to contact esa or ring them yourself may be different for you as you are self-employed Good luck x


Do you know I am so tired of reading how people are being treated by DWP, I would understand it if the people who stop money or pensions of people who have ill health are real true medical people who really qualified to judge who sick disabled or scrounging.

Most of the time they are a glorified little jobsworth who sits behind a desk and knows bugger all. This government stinks, mind you all governments are the same not a one does anything to help the people who most need it...Just keep appealing and ask for a medical by a proper professional, or better still a home assessment. as there have been cases where if you manage to walk from car park to office they say you are fit for work.


Going through exactly the same thing.Had my letter yesterday and I cannot sleep through worry.Spoke to someone at the jobcentre yesterday and when I said I was appealing he said good!

I was told I need to get my appeal in asap and start getting sick notes from the doctors again.Then I should be paid a lower rate while the appeal is going on.

Have managed to get an appointment for the docs today but it is not my regular doctor (cannot get an appointment with her until 1st July and my money is being stopped on the 20th june)and you have to appeal within 1 month dated from your letter mine is dated 3rd June!

Its not my doctors fault I cannot get to see her but the 1 month appeal notice is ridiculous and no the DWP should not be allowed to change benefits just giving two weeks notice.People can not react in the time given.


What mub40 says is correct, you need to see your GP to get signed off, then you have to keep sending medical certs to the DWP to get paid at the assessment rate, take the letter you got from the DWP to your GP, so s/he can backdate your first cert to the date ESA was stopped.



You only get the assessment rate if your 365 days haven't ran out , if you've had it for 365 days in the wrag group , I'd make a new claim , why you also appeal , people do t always know , they can make a new ESA claim , as long as deteriation is mentioned in the sicknote .


C x


Hi Cuddley

I have never been placed in a wrag group.


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