I really enjoy reading the posts on this site.

I find the fun items great for laughing which is great.

Now the interesting bit.

I went food shopping today.

Do it on line?

Not for everyone when you may want to actually see the food and feel it if it is meant to be fresh.

Having gently used the trolley to assist my legs around the smallish establishment beginning with L the items were in numerous lightweight bags.

Yawn you say we all go shopping.

Right then.

To get the bags from my little car to my house from my driveway I need to walk with my stick in one hand and 1 bag clutched to my middle I got my shopping indoors.

The steps I took were over 50.

This by today's ruling would probably take me out from any benefit award. My house is only 5 steps from my drive but I had to repeat to get my food into the hall.

Just a thought be careful if you get paperwork/ interview look out for the shopping questions!!!!!!

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  • Hi Skit,

    You make a very good point, some folk may not realise just how many steps they are actually taking by going back and forth with one or two light bags for several trips!

    I am kind of lucky as my hubby does all our shopping because I consider myself having a good day if I can manage to walk the 15 steps it takes me to get from the bedroom to the front room without getting too out of breath 2hilst I try to breath through the pain and stumbling and that is with Hubby's assistance!

    I never go food shopping unless we are on our way home from any Drs or hospital appts and even then I am in my wheelchair! These pesky little forms will catch you out if they can! I am trying to complete an ESA form at the moment and covering letter as the box's aren't big enough!

    Good Luck to anyone filling out forms at the moment!

    Laura :)

  • Hi reneedior

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best with your ESA claim.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you Ken, that is so kind of you. I appreciate it...

    Laura :)

  • Thanks for the information, I know exactly what you mean. The last time I did a "big" shop it took me 35 mins to walk back. I am on my own so have little choice. It should only take about six mins if you are healthy! I am on crutches so it's difficult. However, today I have received my shopping from a well known supermarket after ordering online. It was bliss! I will let the dwp know that I have to order online if they ask again. :-)

  • I felt as though I walked every step with you. I don't know whether L does it but certainly T used to offer the service of someone fromCustomer Service to help you shop by going around with you and picking stuff off the shelves and taking it to your car. I only found out when OH was ill and for some reason our broadband wasn't working so stupid me decided I would do the big shop well needless to say half way round I wondered what Marathon I had run and was hanging onto one of the displays. One of the staff actually came over and asked whether I was ok and I had to admit it had all been a bit too much she said you should have asked for assistance.

    Hope you don't have too many repercussions from your outing today. Yes you are so right about these forms they can easily metraphorically trip us up.x

  • Hi skit

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us all as it is a question that members may not have considered? I do my shopping online these says and just go out for coffee and cake in the supermarket cafe as Julie and I enjoy it.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I use online shopping for large bulky items such as washing powder and potatoes and for frozen foods then only go to supermarket for smaller items and use their in store scooter to get round, so much easier but understand about taking the shopping from the car to the house when you live on your own, it can be very painful.

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