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I posted about my argument with case worker on a knitting forum I am on, many suffer the same issues and agree just cos can knit doesn't mean can hold a sharp knife. Anyway one of them has a family member with fibro and pain management sent her for hydro therapy. How do I access this, is it a chargeable treatment or does nhs cover this, I can't swim but if the waters going to help its worth a try.

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  • I had hydrotherapy. It was a part of the physiotherapy dept at my local hospital. Have a look on NHS website. Or call your local physio department and ask them. The sessions are led by physios and there was always one in the pool with us. It is kept at 37C so same as your body temp. I'm not much over 5 feet and I could stand happily in the 'deep' end. I found it very helpful. Worth finding out about, and no, it didn't cost anything because it's in a hospital. Hydrotherapy pools are much smaller than swimming pools. Hope that helps 🐸

  • Hi there

    It used to be that your GP would refer you for hydrotherapy. With all the NHS cutbacks, it seems that there are not many surgeries offer this service anymore.

    I've heard so many good things about hydrotherapy but have not tried it myself.

    You could try asking your GP about it?

    Wishing you all the very best

    Lu xx


  • Mine was accessed when my GP referred me to a physio for help with the pain in my hip as I had made it clear that I was on e ough pain meds and would like to get and help myself. The physio asked whether I liked water (well I think my mom was a fish) and he referred me for 6 sessions of hydrotherapy. It was bliss as we had a wonderful physio and it was a small group of 6 with different problems buy even though we did many of the exercises together he was very mindful of our different needs and abilities.

    The water is beautifully warm and spotlessly clean, deepish but with shallow steps down. There wetr niceprivqt changing rooms with lockers and hot showers. There are shallow steps down to the water with rails to hang on to and there are rails all around the pool. We used different exercise equipment which was fun. I just wish I could have had more. Towards the end I felt I was making progress and my core strength was better. Some of the exercises could be done on dey land as well and I have carried on with these. The physio was so kind and when I said I wished I could go to the normal baths to swim like I used to but the coldish water made my fibro worse he used to let me have a 10 minute swim round afterwards whilst he was tidying up.

    Do give it a go just being In. the warm water was a tonic in itself.x

  • I went to physio but its just the clinic run one, meant to be going tomorrow, she wants me to do the circuit, bike, balance board, few other machines, hubby said your not going, if you could do that you would join the gym.

  • Hi dizzylynn,

    I notice from your profile that you are from Scotland, so I'm not too sure how it works there.

    When I was diagnosed with Fibro I was sent on a Fibromyalgia Coping Skills Course, and part of that was 6 sessions of Hydrotherapy.

    I know other people have been referred to the Physio dept of their local hospital, and they have been referred from there. Most big hospitals have Hydrotherapy pools as part of their Orthopaedic Dept.

    If you really are stuck, and you think you could manage on your own or with your husband going with you, just to get the benefit of the warm water. Do a search of local Leasure Centres, or gyms, or even Health Spa's. They often allow the public to use their pool. You can do this online, and they usually say what temperature their pools are. Anything over 32 deg is good. I found a pool near me that way, and I go with my husband, and do stretches and walking up and down the pool, because like you I can't swim.

    If you go the NHS route, it doesn't cost anything, and the other places they charge, but again it may vary. Where I go I pay a membership fee of £5 a year, and because I have Fibro, they let me use the pool free, and my husband pays £2.50 a session.

    I hope this helps, and I wish you luck in finding a place as Hydrotherapy is definitely beneficial for Fibro.

    GP. 😊😊

  • Hi there

    I was referred for hydro therapy due to fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis in October 2014 and I'm still waiting

    My GP has 'chased up' my referral three times and neither I nor my GP have heard anything

    So my referral was through my GP and It must be a very very long waiting list

  • It may be worthwhile revisiting your GP and discussing this with them? I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Asked doctor yesterday at my appointment, nowhere near does hydrotherapy so am out of luck

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