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My GP referred me to a exercise program at the local sports centre. I had to cancel last weeks exercise class due to pain and fatigue. Today I went to my first hydro active class. It was great. The water was warm and it made me so much more relaxed. Even a a siesta for 30 mins this afternoon. I use to run before getting fibro, so I am please I have found an exercise that is fun and easy on my body. I wound recommend it .

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Good for you :) I would definitely like to try that too. Thanks for the info x


hi whitehawk, that sounds good, i think i would like to do that, il mention it to my gp when i see her. she did say to me that if i heard of anything to help to let her know. is it held at swimming baths or hospital/clinic? & is it available on n.h.s? xx


My hospital pain nurse told me about hydro, then in next breath told me their pool had just been closed down! Julie xx


Only chance I get to go swimming now is on hols, but we holiday in Cornwall, so sometimes its cold when u get out of the pool, & even tho' its indoors, its still cold in the water. Julie xx


I go to the local sports centre. I paid £10.00 and discounted prices for recommended classes.


I got referred to the local sports centre. I pay 10.00 joining fee for 3 months and pay discounted price for any recommended classes.


Hi Whitehawk,

I'm so pleased you have found hydrotherapy useful, it can do a lot of good even if you just use it to walk up and down the pool and do safe stretching movements as the water supports you and there is less chance of triggering pain and damage of any description. Prior to my proper diagnosis, I swam at least a mile a day, I had swum with a team in my teens and early twenties so swimming was very up my street. However I got arthritis in my shoulders, one of which has been very successfully replaced and waiting for the other. Anyway, back to the subject, I wish every surgery had the capacity to give it's chronic pain patients hydrotherapy referrals as I think it does so much good. :-)

Thank you for sharing that with us and I'm sending positive healing vibes your way :-)

Foggy x


Hi Whitehawk59

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am absolutely delighted for you, it is so wonderful to hear from a member when something turns out to be as good as this!

I really like the idea of a siesta! I genuinely hope that it really works for you and that you can achieve a really happy, pain free lifestyle.

All my hopes and dreams for you



We know you like a siesta Ken.

Biscuit anyone? Bourbons

Then I can work them off in the pool. Might be worth looking into.


Siesta followed by Bourbon Creams, it is what heaven is made of!


did you save us any?


Hi... great to hear you have found an exercise that suits you.

How often do you go? And how long do you spend in the pool?

I try to go swimming twice a week, but usually only stay in the pool for 30 minutes as I start to feel cold, and the showers (surprisingly for a public pool) are lovely and warm!.

On Monday when I went swimming, to my surprise, I discovered that I was not the only "fibromyalgia swimmer" .....there were 2 other ladies in the pool with fibromyalgia... it was lovely to speak to them, because they knew how I felt. Maybe we should start a "fibromyalgia swimming club!!"

Good luck with your water exercise, I am sure that the water helping to support our bodies is why it is a great exercise for us.

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I work full time and go twice a week. I am going to be working part time 3 days. I think it would be a good idea to start a fibri swimming club.


Hi Whitehawk59,

This is great news! I'm really pleased for you xx

My rheumy has written to my GP and asked him to refer me for hydrotherapy because I have hypermobility syndrome on top of Fibro, which means I am constantly damaging my joints carrying out weight bearing exercise. The GP has failed to do this, and looked blank and shrugged when I asked if there were nearby hydrotherapy services. Yesterday however, I discovered that there is a hydrotherapy pool at the local hospital with one to one Physio I shall be getting cross today. I'd enquired about private sessions which cost avg £110 per session!!!! :(

Anyway, hopefully I can get the hospital referral and after a course of Physio will be strong enough to attend Aquacise classes at my local gym :D

Please keep us updated on how you get on, for example if there are any movements you still need to steer clear of despite the water. How much pain did you have afterwards/the following day or two?



A lot of gyms do aqua exercises. I did not have any pains. Just my usual pains but I felt great after. It is worth having ago.


Hi Whitehawk :)

What a lovely positive post and am pleased you felt it was beneficial :)

I too enjoy the warmth of the water and the gentleness of hydrotherapy and yes I always get a good catnap afterwards. Sadly my joints don't like it though so it makes it difficult for me but I still do it in order to help fix and control my problems :)

Remember to drink plenty of fluids as hydrotherapy can dehydrate you :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)



that is such good news. I am glad you have something that really helps you.




Wow, lucky you, you seem to have an enlightened GP! I've had to find out myself about anything and push for everything. I wasn't even told there are two pain clinics within reach despite my having been to the GP for a range of joint problems including fibro. I sometimes feel like I have to get through a minefield in order to try to get the right kind of help.


I am sorry to hear your problem with getting help and advice. I am fortunate because I do work in the nhs, in the community so I get to here what's out there. Check your local gym. They may say that they take GP referrals, then you can speak to your GP.


hydrotherapy sounds really good, i think il ask my new gp when i see her next.. the last one suggested swimming, i did try it but i can't swim very much so i tried just bobbing about lol.i felt like a seal! then i had to get out well! that was a real mission, the whole of the bottom half of my body was like lead, i couldn't walk. then i had trouble drying & dressing also i couldn't dry my hair properly as their dryers are attached to shelves & standing was hard, but i did enjoy myself :) x


If you try the aqua/hydro you may find you don't get too tired. I found it was not to strenuous

Give it a go.


ok thank you x


Hi, Hydrotherapy is great for fibro sufferers. The pool is heated to 34 degrees and its like getting into a lovely warm bath up to your neck. My GP and Rheumy referred me to our main hospital. I had physio first for 4-5 weeks once a week then onto hydro for 5 weeks once a week. It was a mainly one to one sessions although the hospital pool is quite small. Once I'd finished these sessions I was then invited to go on a waiting list for a supervised hydro place at a Special Needs school, but you had to have done the hospital hydro first and got your exercises. I drive 25/30mins to get there, get 20mins in the pool, still 34+ degrees warm. I pay for this £20 per term, it only operates during term time. There is about 10 people in each session, most of us have long term problems, being either osteo arthritis, massive joint problems, or like me a fibro sufferer. I do love my sessions, would really like them 2-3 times a week but there is a two year waiting list for more than one session. I do all my stretching exercises, but have to be careful I don't overstretch and then can't move the following day or so after. Well worth persuing to get here, loads of nagging to GP but in their eyes, if I'm mobile, I'm cheaper to run on the nhs if you get my drift. My local council leisure centre said don't use their pool as it was too cold and they also wrote to my gp stating I needed specialist hydrotherapy to help my fibro. All I wanteed was a set of exercises I could do without hurting myself. Keep asking away all you fibromites its worth it.

Gentle hugs to everyone. Lynn x


On a serious note one of the values of hydro therapy must be the non weight bearing. I can't afford the fees but a cycling is free once you have the kit. Trouble is you don't want to do it when it's wet and cold. Counter productive.

I've just started tai chi and so far so good. It's fairly gentle but I have trouble with some of the moves. However it seems to have some benefits. But I would imagine it's far from suitable for all of us :)


Part of the fun is finding an exercise you like and sticking to it. I see you used to do running, so you were obviously a fit person before Fibro hit, must be frustrating for you not to be able to do hard exercise now.

GOOD LUCK and always keep it interesting and don't let boredom set in.


Thanks, it is hard and frustrating. I have also had to go part time at work now, but I won't be beaten.


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