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Hydro pain tied


HI All hope your all well as can be. Had second session of Hydro yesterday came home fell asleep woke up pins and needles in hands arms and feet and paining all over. Today don't now which part of my body is paining more than the other just touching my body is sore hope it is less pain full as weeks go on, 8;45 and my eye lids are dropping as I am getting so so tied

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I swim as much as I can and tend to get this type of feeling the next day. It is wearing off though so maybe it will for you too.



Hi fibro10

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering so much and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to how you feel? I was told I couldn't have Hydrotherapy as I have breathing difficulties so I do not really know much about it.

I genuinely hope that it starts to work for you

Ken x

fibro10 in reply to TheAuthor

Hiken Thanks for your reply I understand why u cannot have hydro as a I get breathless when i just get out but after the day ive had I need to rest, distress ,and try to relax the joys of parent hood no matter how old they are and the exes so sorry for the moan bad day hope tomorrows a better day wish you well fibro10

I had that same reaction to some med's. Your allergic. Call your doctor and have them change you to something with a different compound. Hope you get some relief sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi

when i went to hydro at the hospital was referred by rheumy, was assesed by physio who couln't read her writing said i could't have hydro until i had better posture &also more movement in my neck i have bones that are fused together because of whiplash injury cotacted rheumys secretary copy of referral was sent to physio when i went back you could tell the physio was as nice as pie but he had had a telling off then did get hydro was finding it difficult more pain considerably less sleep it was getting worse the more i went i should have finished the course before i went back to see rheumy but had to miss one as i was full of cold saw rheumy said my neck was slightly easier to move i thought it was a no pain no gain kind of thing said would carry on somewhere after course had ends rheumy said if i could manage to go once a week it be absoluteely brilliant to ask fof a list of exercises on the last day i asked for a list of exercises i was told i should be able to remember them asked how often i need to do hydro they said three times a week a least & plenty of walking inbetween i was flabergasted finished session had to fil a formin to say how it had helped you i couldn't do it as i couldn't stop crying hubby was really annoyed when he found out what they said filled form in told them it had been torchure i was worse than before i went did get to see rheumy told her about it all she said they can be a bit over zealous in the physio department .

Hi lillian68 Thank you for your reply. Hope your feeling good as can be today. sorry to hear you had such a bad time sometimes it dose get u annoyed when we follow all the exercises and the pain gets worst not better I have had a couple of physios who I feel have talked down to me as if I am not following the plan they put in place for me don't no about you but I get so stiff in morning trying to exercise is no go. Physio's are very good at their job and every case is not the same I have been given I think 6 sessions of hydro had two so I will see if I get any benefit from it at the moment I am just in more pain after each one and so tied. but we all know are own limits We are the only ones who know what pain were in each day and night

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