Hydro pool or not

Hi all I hope you are all as well as can be.i had my first hydro pool last week and paid big time after. I did enjoy it at the time but iam getting stressed as I have to go today and iam not looking forward to it. I know this doesn't sound sence as I did enjoy it but my body hurt so much after. Has anyone had hydr and how did you get on with it. Was wondering if it does get better as as you know we are in pain all the time but I was in total agony after.thanks everyone x

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  • Hi there 

    Unfortunately I have never had the opportunity of doing this, as my area does not cover it. 

    Hopefully there will be people along later who do have some advice for you. 

    I do wonder though, whether you might have overdone it on your first session?  If I were you I'd go along and speak to the person who runs the group and explain what happened and ask for their advice as to how to approach the next session?

    If the same thing happens, I guess you have to decide whether this approach is best for you?

    Fibromyalgia is such a complex conditon and what works marvels for some, is not good for another.

    Wishing you less pain and more peace 

    Lu x

    Volunteer Administrator 

  • Thankyou for getting back to me, at the time I was fine just slowly does it approach. Then when I got home WHAM it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had one to one and hope today will be the same. I will tell her how it made me feel and see what she says. I have other illnesses and maybe what is right for one isn't for another. Oh the joys. Have a lovely day.x

  • As you had a one to one, I would definitely explain, before you start your session, just how bad you had been afterwards. 

    Good luck. I hope that this session is better for you 😊

    Lu x


  • Hi I had my first hydro this Tuesday it was ok when I was in the water but when I got out the pain hit me and I was in agony I had to get a cab home and just went to bed and all day yesterday I was in bed. I am trying to get up today but my body is still crying out in pain. Like you I hope it gets better next time but I'm not looking forward to next week if I end up like this again. 

    Take care xx Linda 

  • Oh Linda Ido feel for you, I will keep you posted on how I get on today. Hopefully it won't be so bad after . All the best X 

  • Thank you just look after yourself and hope you get on OK and not too much pain after. Linda xx 

  • Sorry I might be too late for you as we have had a new garage door fitted and have had to do the clearing up process which I am already paying for in pain and fatigue!  I had six sessions and after the first I could barely drag myself up the steps and out of the pool.  I was absolutely shattered and aching all over and wondered whether it would be beneficial.  I then really thought about it and realised I had been moving muscles and joints in a way they probably had not been moved in at least 5 years so decided to return.  Each week it got easier and by the 4th I could not wait to get in the water.  By the 6th I could have cried at the thought of not going again.  I would hang on in there if I was you but you might have to accept at first you need a couple of days of recovery until your body adjusts.x

  • Hi gilly, I too had hydro therapy sessions which I was referred to through my dr. It was truly wonderful but I can't say it helped much as I was only given 3 sessions and as its situated in a school for disabled children it's only available during the school holidays and it's always booked up. My only dislike to it was the fact that it was an open changing room and I'm not confident enough to strip off in front of other people. It's a lovely feeling when your in the pool and I could of stayed in for a lot longer than 40 mins but when it comes to getting out it felt like someone was adding weights to my legs and you certainly feel worse after. I was told that it would feel worse before it got better. Unfortunately I didn't carry on to find out.. Good luck with yours and try stick it out for a bit longer but having said that there's only you that knows the limit to what your body can do.. Good luck with it and let us know how you get on xx❤️xx

  • Tell the physio about the pain it caused. She needs to know so that your exercises can be tailored for your own condition. 

    I loved my Hydro sessions. Once I knew how much I could do it was great fun. 🐸

  • You may try bathing with apple cider vinager in the water as its takes away soreness!! Good luck Peck ✌

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering after hydrotherapy, and I sincerely hope that it all works out well for you. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • I agree with Rosewine, most fibros have not exercised properly for a long time and when you start using the hydro pool you find it easier in the water but like any new exercise venture you will notice muscles aching until your body becomes fitter.  It is best not to overdo it and take it gently but you will feel the benefits eventually, be patient.  Personally I have to take two bus rides to get to my hospital and a walk to my bus stop, I am tired when I get home but I do not think it is all down to the hydro exercise but a combination of a long day. 

    As for the weird heavy feeling in the legs when you get out of the water, I asked the Physiotherapist about this and she gave a scientific explanation but cannot remember the details, it had nothing to do with personal fitness as it happens to everybody.

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