as a 14 year sufferer I have now stopped medications with the help of medics and specialist physio, occupational therapist and g.p. Too many side affects, very little relief from drugs. I was introduced to Hydrotherapy some years ago and I have found it the best for relieving sore muscles and pumping some energy back without much effort. if you can,t access hydro in your area then get someone to take you to a local Jacuzzi and just soak in it for a while. My physio gives me acupuncture on my knees hands and buttocks to relieve OA pain. I,ve supports for my hands like gloves and supports for my knees just like elastic bands-they trap tender nerve ends without damage and relieve pain, ensure you buy these from a proper qualified person so that they fit well.

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  • Well done you Hon, it's a much healthier way, I am so pleased it's working out better for you, I will think about acupuncture and supports thank you, xx

  • I've got more supports, neck collars, splints and heating pads than they've got in Boots stores I'm sure 😃

    I had special splints for my hands made for me at the hospital when diagnosed with RA , we 've got a jacuzzi bath which I had put in last year which is great I would sit in all day if. Could , unfortnately acupuncture didn't work for me I had good results from a chiropractor.though.

    There's no point in taking meds if they don't do anything for you is there, so good luck, I only take painkillers which help me a lot, take care.

  • Glad to hear you get by on no meds as that would be great.I really admire you for that.Peck🐤

  • Hi caz-54,

    I'm happy to hear that you've found treatments for your Fibro other than meds. You're indeed very lucky to have such a supportive GP and other Medics who give you access to the non-drug treatments which seem to be working for you.

    In reality though, a lot of us are not given access to the different non-drug therapies, either because they are not available in our catchment area, or our GPs don't think they will help, or for financial reasons. So a lot of us just have to get on with taking our various meds even if we feel that they don't do much.

    However, it doesn't hurt to ask if you feel that your meds are not working, or you're having bad side-effects.

    I hope your treatments continue to help you, and that you remain drug free.

    Best wishes.

    GP. 😊

  • Until 30 Apr 2016 I worked for the NHS in a major hospital in Manchester and so I knew all the right buttons to press for help, Ive been a nuisance and caused a scene at times but I,ve got the therapies that I know help. If my OA is painful I do take odd Co-Dydramol amd I but herbal sleeping pills from local health store. This morning I,ve had my elbows jabbed with cortisone for medial epicondylitis (tennis elbows) they usually work for me and I don,t need them more than every 2 years! I,m not by any means free of fibro pain and fog I just cope knowing I can lunge into the warm pool in a day or 2.

  • Hi caz-54

    I am genuinely delighted to read this, and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your alternative treatments. Sadly, my physio told me a couple of years ago that due to my COPD that I was not suitable for Hydrotherapy.

    I still do my daily physio routine and use my TENS Machine and I do find that they help. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • that's a real shame you have been told not to use Hydro, how long ago was you advised? things have moved on , my hydro pool has an outside door opened all the time!

  • It was less than two years ago, it was because of my lung function.

  • Interesting i joined a gym to use the steam room and Jacuzzi and it helps a lot with pain and muscle ache, also if i go late afternoon it helps me sleep. Although it wipes me out for the next day its worth it once or twice a week. Its also lovely to do something special for myself, my personal treat. Inspiring to hear you're blossoming without meds, and I wish you continued relief. Tx

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