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Help with heating costs

I recently looked into getting help or benefit with my heating costs, because if you're like me, even though you suffer with severe sweats, you still need to have a warm home.

Anyway, I was advised to contact my supplier, about the 'Warm home discount scheme' as most/all companies operate their schemes.

I am with First Utility, and this morning l received an email from them, stating that I was eligible for £140.00 rebate, which will be applied to my bill. So if you're struggling, it's worth while looking into, and is based on the benefits you currently receive.

So just a bit of info really, in case you're not aware. Good luck. Sx :)

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Hi there

Many thanks for sharing this tip with us.

It did come up a couple of months ago. Anyone that is interested in finding out more, just needs to contact their energy supplier and ask if they take part in the Warm Home Discount.

Some energy companies have a cut off date after which you cannot apply, so if you haven't already looked into this, perhaps it would be better to do it soon.

Most energy companies need you to be in receipt of certain benefits, but don't let this put you off. The only thing you have to lose is a phone call.

Many thanks again Sharolina :)

Wishing you all calmness and peace

Lu xx


That's great news 😃 As you say it's based on the benefits you receive , so it's worth a try.


Thanks for posting as there are so many newbies who have joined us they might not be aware of the scheme and so many people with fibro have great difficulty keeping warm. My body thermostat has only two settings freezing or boiing nothing in between.x


I only have one setting. Cold :( xx


Good for you Sharolina.I can add another company to your list.Providing you have gas and electricity with British Gas,they also give a £140 winter discount that you can use on either or both bills


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Warm Front Discount only runs for one more year unless the government extend it .

Anyone on Pension Credits will automatically be awarded it without applying .

Their is a list of benefits you need to be on listed on application form down load form from your provider usually on line in July .They will verifier you entitlement with DWP claims for 2015/2016 have now closed with a lot of providers .New claims for 2016/2017 can be made no matter how you pay for your supply .If a key meter credit will be sent to you by bar code ,and can be put on Key via pay point or as you say will be credited of your bill .


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That is absolutely wonderful news my friend, and I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck x :)


Just a quick update!

I had previously thought that the rebate would be applied to my bill, but instead it was refunded back into my bank account!  Happy days, came in very handy.  Sx :)


Hi all can I just ask if you need to be in a age group to get this I'm 43 only though people over 60 get help with the heating bill ? 

 Thank you Linda 


Hey there Mahoney0719,

No, there is no age restrictions, it is simply down to the benefits your receive.  Good luck!  Sx :)


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