Feet like blocks of ice

So just home after a visit to GP about the pain, coldness, itch, swelling and change of colour to my feet. Felt my feet and said they felt warm to her (I had been wearing flight socks and ugg boots) to walk to the Drs and said that our mind believes that our feet are cold but when we touch them they are actually warm. Have to go for physio but I have never felt so stupid in my life.

Thanks to everyone for their advice and comments.

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  • there can be many reasons for that feeling I wouldn't worry. the reveres happens too. belief that fibro mess up the brain messages can often cause that sensation; also meds mess with internal temp gauge. and also walking with uggs ;)

    happens all day to me; drive work mate mad as I have either the top or the bottom of the window open all day.

  • Oh isn't that always the way. I can remember at my ESA assessment having said that my feet and hands wer always icy which they were which sometimes made walking and grasping things difficult she held my hand and as I was so worked up and the room was boiling (you guessed it) for the first time in years they were warm. At least your GP didn't laugh and you are getting some physio. Let us know how you get on with it.☺x

  • Thank you. Have a nice weekend xx

  • That is just so typical! I had the opposite with my GP. I said I always felt hot and always sweating. She took my temperature and it was normal. I was annoyed with myself for not actually having a temperature! Take care my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • My feet can be ice cold at times, other times burning hot on the soles and bright red swollen underneath heel, it's agony to walk. I got the gel things that people use for Plantar ?? They help with cushioning under my heel on the sole of my feet. Also doc is putting me for Doppler tests to check arteries in legs. If it carries on I would go back to doctor xx

  • Planter fasciitis, and I am the same, wrap up - take stuff off, can never get it just so

  • Thank you sounds a lot better than my mind playing tricks on me x

  • Thank you for your reply. You seem to be in a lot of pain yourself. Hope things improve and I will certainly look into trying the gel things xx

  • Start a diary of everytime this happens and document that when you touch your feet what they feel like. Also write down the circumstances. Just because your feet were warm at the Dr's doesn't mean it is definitely just related to the mind playing tricks.

    I normally stick up for Dr's but at the moment think smug cow

  • Thank you for you reply. I felt as if I had wasted her time yesterday but yes that is a good idea thanks. Hope you are well x

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